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Case Study

SharePoint Migration from old tenant to new tenant
Client Background

The client is the leading global technology provider and specialist distributor of business technology.

Operating in more than 70 countries, we deliver business value and opportunity by connecting the world’s leading IT vendors with a channel of technology resellers, systems integrators, and service providers.

We combine our industry insight, technical know-how and decades of distribution experience to deliver value and accelerate our vendors’ and partners’ business success.


The client is having old tenant with some of PowerApps applications associated with SharePoint data source containing number of lists.

The SharePoint list and libraries contain 500 GB of data in old tenant.

Client wants to migrate all SharePoint data that is containing lists and libraries to new tenant and need to do configure SharePoint environment on new tenant.

Client plans to demote the old environment and use new environment to Manage the PowerApps, Licenses and Data sources.


Access to the current SharePoint environment.

Comprehensive assessment of existing Power Apps and SharePoint Site collection and list and libraries.

Detailed analysis from the existing Tenant.

Identification of dependencies and access control settings.

Select appropriate migration tool for SharePoint data migration.

Access the new SharePoint environment.

Configure the structure required for SharePoint data on new tenant.

Solution Delivered

When it comes to tenant-to-tenant migrations, we like to take the motto “security first” as literally as possible.

Since external sharing and permissions are critical aspects of your Microsoft 365 security, you can’t wait to fix any issues in the post-migration.

Address these problems in the source tenant before you migrate instead of bringing them over to your new target tenant or tenants.

The client wants from us smooth migration using appropriate method, so we have provided solution as follows-

Install migration tool as per guidelines.

Create SharePoint test site on new tenant.

Perform test using actual SharePoint site with list data by using migration tool.


Development of a detailed migration plan.

Configuration of SharePoint Online environment.

Create existing SharePoint site collection in new tenant.

Perform successful test using actual SharePoint site with list data by using migration tool.

Develop detail migration plan and create structure of different phases of migration.

Start the actual migration of each list separately out of number of lists available in SharePoint site collection.

Configure SharePoint Online environment as data source of Power Apps application.

Define access control policies.

Organize and structure data for optimal access.

Prepare source and destination configurations.

Verify data integrity and completeness.

Ensure all migrated data with old tenant to new tenant data and configured with application and

end to end app flow will be working.

Architecture Diagram-


Before jumping into the migration process, it is essential to first define a scope and understand what you want to migrate and how it will be managed in the new SharePoint tenant.

When you are migrating SharePoint Online to a new tenant, you must ensure that the destination tenant meets the requirements for the data that you are going to migrate. This includes checking the configurations and features supported by the new tenant.

It is good practice to plan your migration process. The primary motto should be to identify any potential issues that may arise during the process. Additionally, the dependencies of the platform should also be taken care of.

It is beneficial and efficient to use a migration tool as mentioned above as these tools make the process seamless and ensure complete data migration.

Despite planning all the possibilities that might go wrong, it is still essential to test the migration before going with full flow. You can test it by migrating a small amount of data and verifying if there are any issues to be fixed.

You must talk to employees and tell them about the migration. If they need any training or resources to move to the new tenant, that can be planned accordingly.

As SharePoint sites contain a lot of crucial and sensitive data, you need to make sure that proper access control and security measures are in place for secure SharePoint Online tenant-to-tenant migration.

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