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Simplicity IT

Industry: IT Services (Microsoft Partner)
Location: New York, USA
Size: 30 Employees

Simplicity IT, a recognized Microsoft Partner based in New York, has carved a niche for itself in Microsoft licensing and fundamental professional services. Their expertise has garnered them a loyal client base that relies on them for essential Microsoft services.

Challenges Overview

• Volume vs. Expertise: With a clientele of 150, Simplicity IT was inundated with project requests. However, the diversity of these projects, spanning various technologies, posed a challenge.
• Diverse Customer Environments: Each client had a unique environment with varied technical service requirements, ranging from Azure to networking to security.
• Expertise Deficit: The company found itself at crossroads, with numerous projects on the table but without the specific technical experts needed to execute them to perfection.


• Resource Augmentation: Alif stepped in to provide Simplicity IT with a comprehensive bundle of resources. This included specialists like Azure Sentinel Experts, Firewall Experts, Penetration Testing Experts, and Intune Experts, all supported by L2 engineers.
• End-to-End Project Delivery: Alif didn't just stop at providing experts. They took charge of entire projects, delivering solutions such as migrating on-prem servers to Azure, managing applications, and conducting rigorous penetration testing.
• Enhanced Project Management: A dedicated project manager was assigned to Simplicity IT, acting as a single point of contact and streamlining communication.
• Continuous Learning: Alif ensured that the team at Simplicity IT received timely training and certifications, keeping them abreast of the latest in Microsoft technologies.
• Engagement Initiatives: Regular workshops and webinars were organized, fostering a culture of continuous learning and keeping both the team and clients informed.


• Business Growth: Simplicity IT witnessed an impressive 70% growth in business, eliminating the hassles associated with hiring and training new personnel.
• Customer Retention: The ability to offer a one-stop solution for all technical needs meant that Simplicity IT could retain its existing customer base more effectively.
• Confidence in Expansion: With Alif's robust technical arm supporting them, Simplicity IT can now confidently take up diverse projects, ensuring that their existing clients receive top-notch service while also expanding their clientele.

Future Prospects

A Robust Partnership: With Alif by their side, Simplicity IT is poised to become a dominant player in the Microsoft services domain. The combination of Simplicity IT's industry reputation and Alif's technical prowess creates a formidable partnership that promises growth and excellence in service delivery.

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