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Industry: Government Sector
Location: USA
Size: 40+ Employees

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Tech Trends holds a pivotal role in the government civilian contractor space, especially within the information security sector. Their collaborations span both government and private sectors, ensuring optimal IT solutions and security protocols.

Challenges Overview

• Security Concerns: Being in the government sector, privacy and security are paramount. TechTrends needed engineers to perform testing and troubleshooting, but these tasks had to be outside their primary environment due to government privacy regulations.
• Operational Hurdle: The inability to conduct thorough testing within their environment hampered their capability to provide comprehensive solutions to both government and private sectors.


• External Testing Environment: Alif provided TechTrends with a secure, external test environment. This allowed for rigorous A/B testing of terraform codes and other solutions, ensuring they were perfect before being implemented in the sensitive government environment.
• Expertise on Demand: A team of seasoned experts, with 16+ years of experience, was deployed to support TechTrends. Additionally, two consultants specializing in Azure were provided for specialized troubleshooting, testing, and coding tasks.
• Power Platform Integration: Recognizing the need for efficient internal processes, a consultant skilled in Power Platform and Power Apps was assigned to develop and refine TechTrends' internal sites.
• Key Offerings Included:
◦ Dedicated test environment
◦ Comprehensive solution documents with step-by-step guidelines
◦ Access to part-time and dedicated experienced resources


• Testing Efficiency: The time required for testing was cut in half, resulting in faster solution deployments.
• Certification Assistance: Complimentary certifications were provided to ensure TechTrends continually met the rigorous standards of a Microsoft Gold Partner.
• Security Boost: With our expertise, Tech Trends saw a significant boost in their Secure Score, enhancing their credibility in the government sector.

Future Prospects

Enhanced Credibility: By adhering to government privacy regulations and still delivering top-tier solutions, Tech Trends has solidified its reputation as a reliable government civilian contractor. Operational Scalability: With an efficient testing environment and access to expert resources, Tech Trends can now confidently take on larger projects and contracts, ensuring sustainable growth. Strategic Partnership: The collaboration with Alif not only addresses present challenges but also sets the foundation for a strategic partnership. This ensures that as technology evolves, Tech Trends remains at the forefront, always ready with cutting-edge solutions for both government and private sectors.

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