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Maintenance versus innovation

On average, businesses spend four times more on IT maintenance than innovation. Deployment, management, monitoring, patching, security, and system upgrades all must be addressed with on-premises proprietary solutions. Cloud solutions have the power to reduce IT costs by up to 50 percent and provide 90 percent faster deployment and application access.

Proprietary commerce technology is prone to stagnation

It’s a tall order to expect midmarket and enterprise retailers to keep up with consumer expectations. They need to focus on their business, not technology. That’s why it’s important to arm commerce businesses with cloud-based technology that empowers them to create desired customer experiences independent of IT resources.

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Outdated administrative and business-user tools

With proprietary technology comes a higher likelihood of outdated business tools and an over-reliance on IT and web development resources. This stifles innovation on all business fronts. A common scenario is a retailer that wants to develop mobile-first experiences on a platform that can’t support mobile-first design. If ecommerce replatforming (moving their ecommerce system to a new platform) isn’t an option, they may be forced to look for new technology to bolt on to an existing system. Although short-term costs may be minimal with this approach, the strategy adds to the issues of maintaining disparate systems and is unlikely to address future expansion.

Over-reliance on specialized skills

Homegrown and open source commerce technology requires very specific skills to set up and maintain. The more custom the build, the more dependence on specific individuals. While there are communities devoted to open source development and retailers may be fortunate enough to find talent for custom builds, that isn’t the case for a proprietary solution. If the current vendor or the hired resource is no longer available to maintain the technology, a retailer may find itself in a difficult hiring position. It’s also very rare to find employees who will be satisfied long term with legacy technology they didn’t create.

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Poor website performance equals a poor user experience

Modern digital experiences mandate fast-loading websites that work for any device. According to a Dyn survey, nearly 65% of global consumers aren’t willing to wait more than three seconds for a website to load. An IT team focused on performance issues on a proprietary system is destined to fall behind. Managing outages and downtime due to attacks, traffic spikes, and other issues will also affect website performance. These issues are immediately addressed with modern cloud technology. 

Security requirements such as PCI compliance

Selling directly to consumers online means certain security measures must be taken to protect personal data such as credit card information. The road to becoming PCI compliant presents a significant up-front investment and is also a long-term undertaking for IT teams. Secure, cloud-based technology alleviates this necessity.

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Platform extensibility issues

Considering all the touchpoints and integrations retailers require today and in anticipation for emerging technology and omnichannel aspirations, cloud commerce platforms that prioritize APIs have a clear advantage from an extensibility perspective. IT teams will also benefit from a dependable, automated deployment environment that’s all web-based.

Our Solution- Azure E-commerce

No matter what you sell, you need secure and scalable e-commerce solutions that meet the demands of both your customers and business. Engage customers through customized products and offers, process transactions quickly and securely, and focus on fulfillment and customer service.


Azure allows you to build your e-commerce presence as quickly as your business grows. The scalability of the Azure perfectly complements the needs of the retail sector. Provisioning more servers on your own or securing the funds to build a bigger IT infrastructure will slow down your growth.


If your e-commerce site is hosted on Azure, then you’ll benefit from speeds that no on-site infrastructure could promise. A reliable e-commerce site will translate into positive sales for your business.


Trust is foundational to the e-commerce model. Not only are customers trusting that you’ll accurately describe the product (and send the correct one!), they are trusting that their payment details and other PII are transmitted securely. Azure  promises you PCI-DSS certified hosting—more important than ever now that GDPR has arrived. Additionally, cloud technologies can promise superior security measures to protect you from DDoS attacks, which can cause customers to lose confidence in the reliability of your website.

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