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SharePoint Custom Development in the Health Sector in UK

In the healthcare sector, there is a constant need to improve processes, communication, and access to information. SharePoint custom development is an effective solution that can streamline operations and enable healthcare professionals to work more efficiently

This case study outlines how Alif, a SharePoint custom development expert with 15 years of experience, helped a healthcare client in the UK adopt SharePoint custom development to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.


Our client is a large healthcare organization in the UK with over 5,000 employees, including doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and support personnel. The organization provides a wide range of healthcare services to the local community, including primary care, hospital care, and specialist services.

Client Background

The client was facing several challenges related to managing information and collaboration across different departments and locations. They were using multiple systems, including paper-based processes, email, and legacy software, which made it difficult to access and share information efficiently. This resulted in delayed communication, missed deadlines, and increased costs.

Client Introduction

Client Challenges

The client had several challenges that they needed to address, including:

  1. Difficulty in accessing information: With multiple systems in place, it was challenging for employees to find the information they needed quickly.

  2. Inefficient collaboration: The client's existing systems did not support effective collaboration between different departments and locations, resulting in delays and errors.

  3. Lack of visibility: The client's management team had limited visibility into the status of ongoing projects and tasks, making it challenging to manage resources effectively.

Client Requirements

To address these challenges, the client required a custom SharePoint solution that would enable:

  1. Easy access to information: Employees should be able to find the information they need quickly and easily, regardless of its location.

  2. Efficient collaboration: The solution should facilitate communication and collaboration between different departments and locations.

  3. Improved visibility: The management team should be able to monitor ongoing projects and tasks in real-time.

Solution overview.jpeg

Solution Overview

Alif proposed a SharePoint custom development solution that would meet the client's requirements and overcome their challenges. The solution consisted of several key components, including:

  1. Custom SharePoint sites: Alif created custom SharePoint sites for different departments and locations, enabling employees to access information relevant to their role quickly.

  2. Workflow automation: Alif designed and implemented workflows to automate tasks such as document approval and task assignment, reducing delays and errors.

  3. Document management: Alif created a centralized document management system, enabling employees to access and share documents easily and securely.

  4. Real-time reporting: Alif implemented real-time reporting functionality, allowing the management team to monitor ongoing projects and tasks effectively.

Solution :Design and Principle


Alif customized SharePoint sites to match the client's branding and to provide a user-friendly experience for employees


Alif implemented security measures to ensure that sensitive information was protected and accessible only to authorized personnel.

  1. Alif integrated the SharePoint custom development solution with existing systems, such as HR and finance, to ensure a seamless experience for employees.


Alif conducted thorough testing to ensure that the SharePoint custom development solution was functioning correctly and meeting the client's requirements.


The SharePoint custom development solution implemented by Alif had a significant impact on the client's operations. The outcomes included:

  1. Increased efficiency: Employees could find information quickly, collaborate more efficiently, and automate tasks, resulting in significant time savings.

  2. Improved visibility: The management team had real-time visibility into ongoing projects and tasks, enabling them to manage resources effectively.

  3. Reduced costs: The SharePoint custom development solution implemented by Alif resulted in cost reduction for the client. By streamlining operations, improving collaboration, and automating tasks, the client was able to save time and reduce labor costs.

  4. Improved compliance: The centralized document management system and workflow automation ensured that processes were standardized and compliant with regulations.

  5. Enhanced employee experience: The customized SharePoint sites and user-friendly interface improved the employee experience and made it easier to navigate the system.


Alif's SharePoint custom development solution helped the healthcare client in the UK overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. By implementing a customized solution, the client was able to streamline operations, improve collaboration and access to information, and enhance compliance. The client reported increased efficiency, improved visibility, and reduced costs. With Alif's expertise and experience, the client was able to adopt SharePoint custom development successfully and improve their operations significantly.

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