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Azure Administrator


Years of Exp.


Technical Skills

Azure Resource Management
Virtual Machines Management
Azure Networking

Identity and Access Management
Azure Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Azure Backup and Recovery


Professional Summary


    1. Managed and monitored Azure resource deployments, ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency.
    2. Configured and maintained Azure Virtual Machines, handling provisioning, scaling, and availability.
    3. Implemented and managed virtual networks, subnets, and network security groups to ensure secure communication.
    4. Created and managed Azure Active Directory users, groups, and roles for efficient identity and access management.
    5. Set up Azure Monitor to track resource health, and performance, and diagnose issues.
    6. Designed and maintained backup and disaster recovery strategies for Azure resources.
    7. Collaborated with development and operations teams to ensure smooth integration of applications into Azure.
    8. Conducted security assessments and implemented security measures, including firewalls and encryption.
    9. Managed and optimized Azure storage solutions for data persistence and performance.
    10. Provided technical support and troubleshooting for Azure-related issues to ensure operational continuity.


Azure Cost Optimization and Resource Management

Azure Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

1. Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the Azure subscription to identify resource usage patterns and areas of cost inefficiency.
2. Developed and implemented a standardized resource tagging strategy to categorize resources, enabling better tracking and cost allocation.
3. Collaborated with the team to rightsize virtual machine instances, ensuring optimal resource utilization without compromising performance.
4. Assisted in identifying suitable workloads for Reserved Instances, resulting in significant cost savings over pay-as-you-go pricing.
5. Implemented auto-scaling for application workloads, dynamically adjusting resources based on demand to reduce unnecessary expenses.
6. Created and enforced Azure policies to ensure compliance with resource allocation limits and prevent overspending.
7. Set up customized cost alerts and notifications to promptly address any sudden spikes in spending or unexpected resource consumption.
8. Established a process for identifying and decommissioning underutilized resources, freeing up capacity and reducing ongoing costs.
9. Designed automated monthly cost reports for stakeholders, providing visibility into spending trends and highlighting potential areas for further optimization.
10. Implemented continuous monitoring of cost and usage through Azure Cost Management, enabling real-time adjustments and ongoing cost control.

1. Conducted a thorough business impact analysis to identify critical workloads and define Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).
2. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to design a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy using Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup.
3. Planned and executed regular failover testing to validate the effectiveness of the DR plan, ensuring minimal downtime in case of actual disasters.
4. Configured geo-redundant storage for key data and applications to ensure data integrity and availability across Azure regions.
5. Deployed Azure Site Recovery to replicate on-premises VMs to Azure, enabling seamless failover and failback processes.
6. Developed a network recovery plan to address network configuration and connectivity considerations during disaster recovery scenarios.
7. Set up monitoring and alerts to receive notifications about the status of replicated VMs, storage, and overall DR health.
8. Created detailed documentation of the DR procedures and conducted training sessions for the IT team to ensure they are well-prepared to execute the plan.
9. Established a feedback loop for ongoing improvement by analyzing post-disaster recovery performance and identifying areas for enhancement.
10. Devised a communication strategy to inform stakeholders, customers, and employees in the event of a disaster, ensuring transparency and trust.



BBACA – Abeda Inamdar Senior College


Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

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