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8th & 9th May, 2024

Microsoft 365 Copilot Sales Mastery :
2-Days Workshop


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AJ Ansari
Vice President,
IAMCP Americas Board
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Jasmine Hoegh
Sr. Technical Specialist,




8th May, 11:30 AM EST



9th May, 11:00 AM EST


Day 1: The Copilot Chronicles

Masterfully position this AI powerhouse to solve customer challenges, drive revenue with irresistible licensing and consulting offers, and secure ongoing business through tailored customization and support services.

1. Unleashing Copilot’s Superpowers
Join us as AJ Ansari, Vice President of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) Americas Board, takes the stage. His opening topic: “Navigating Challenges in the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem.” AJ will delve into the intricacies, opportunities, and hurdles faced by partners in today’s dynamic landscape.

2. Customer Readiness for Copilot: Technical Essentials
Let’s demystify the technical side! We’ll discuss what you need to know before diving into Copilot. From setup to security, we’ve got you covered.

3. Boosting Sales with Copilot
Sales superheroes, assemble! Copilot isn’t just a chatbot—it’s your secret weapon. Learn how to position it, address customer pain points, and close deals like a pro. And yes, let’s talk about the money! Copilot opens up revenue streams for partners through:

Licensing and Subscriptions: Offer Copilot as part of your Microsoft 365 packages. It’s an enticing value-add for customers.
Consulting Services: Help customers integrate Copilot seamlessly into their workflows. Charge for your expertise!
Customization and Training: Tailor Copilot to specific business needs. Monetize your customization services.
Managed Services: Provide ongoing support, monitoring, and optimization. Monthly retainers, anyone?


Remember, selling Copilot isn’t just about the product—it’s about solving real-world problems for your customers. And when you do that, the money follows! 

Day 2: Navigating the Copilot Sky

Our compass points to deeper insights! Join our expert speaker, Jasmine Hoegh (Sr. Technical Specialist, Microsoft), as she answers burning questions:

1. How is Microsoft Copilot different from other AI chatbots?
Discover Copilot’s unique features and why it stands out in the crowd. No capes required!

2. Ensuring User Privacy and Data Security in Microsoft Copilot
Privacy matters! Learn how Copilot keeps user data safe and sound. No leaks, no worries.

3. Copilot’s Limitations and Future Roadmap
What can Copilot do? What are its boundaries? Get the scoop on what’s coming next.

4. Providing Feedback and Reporting Issues
Your voice matters! Learn how to shape Copilot’s evolution. Be part of the journey.

5. Beyond Conversation: Copilot’s Extended Capabilities
From chat to action! Explore how Copilot assists beyond words. Reminders, scheduling, and more.

6. Integration with Microsoft Solutions
Where does Copilot fit in the grand Microsoft scheme? Discover the magic of synergy.


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