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Microsoft 365 Solutions Architect



Years of Exp.

Technical Skills

1. Microsoft 365 Tenant Configuration and Management
2. Advanced Exchange Online Configuration and Troubleshooting
3. SharePoint Online Architecture and Administration
4. Microsoft Teams Deployment and Integration
5. OneDrive for Business Optimization and Security
6. Azure Active Directory Configuration and Integration
7. Microsoft Intune Configuration and Mobile Device Management
8. Advanced Identity and Access Management

9. Microsoft Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention
10. Azure Information Protection and Compliance
11. PowerShell Scripting for Microsoft 365 Automation
12. Advanced Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center
13. Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection
14. Microsoft 365 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)
15. Microsoft Cloud App Security Configuration and Monitoring
16. Microsoft 365 Advanced Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization

Professional Summary



    1. Microsoft 365 solutions for diverse clients, ensuring alignment with business goals and industry best practices.
    2. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, analyze needs, and design tailored Microsoft 365 solutions, optimizing productivity and user experience.
    3. Designed and implemented Azure Active Directory configurations, including identity management, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).
    4. Engineered comprehensive security and compliance strategies, utilizing Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Centre for data protection, threat prevention, and regulatory adherence.
    5. Developed SharePoint sites and libraries, tailored to business processes, and implemented custom workflows to automate tasks and improve document management.
    6. Orchestrated successful deployment and adoption of Microsoft Teams as the central hub for communication, collaboration, and integrated app access.
    7. Leveraged Power Platform tools to create custom applications, automate complex workflows, and deliver actionable insights through dynamic Power BI dashboards.
    8. Seamlessly integrated voice and video communication solutions into Microsoft Teams, enabling efficient virtual meetings, conferences, and remote collaboration.
    9. Led data migration projects, overseeing the transition from legacy systems to Microsoft 365 services, minimizing downtime and ensuring data integrity.
    10. Designed hybrid cloud solutions, connecting on-premises infrastructure with Azure and Microsoft 365 services, enabling seamless data flow and integrated services.
    11. Conducted comprehensive architecture reviews, identified performance bottlenecks, and implemented optimization strategies to enhance solution efficiency.
    12. Collaborated closely with stakeholders to define governance policies, access controls, and data retention strategies for Microsoft 365 services.
    13. Provided expert guidance on licensing options, cost optimization, and recommended Microsoft 365 plans based on client needs and budget considerations.
    14. Offered mentorship and technical leadership to junior architects and engineers, fostering professional growth and knowledge sharing within the team.
    15. Managed vendor relationships and evaluated third-party solutions to enhance and extend Microsoft 365 capabilities where necessary.
    16. Assessed emerging technologies and industry trends to recommend innovative solutions that align with clients' long-term business goals.
    17. Conducted regular training sessions and workshops to educate end-users on Microsoft 365 tools, features, and best practices for improved adoption.
    18. Collaborated with project managers to define project scopes, deliverables, and timelines, ensuring successful project execution and client satisfaction.
    19. Provided technical support and troubleshooting expertise for complex Microsoft 365 issues, ensuring rapid issue resolution and minimal service disruptions.
    20. Actively participated in knowledge-sharing forums, conferences, and industry events to stay current with Microsoft 365 advancements and contribute to thought leadership.


Microsoft 365 Modernization for Construction Organisation.

Hybrid Cloud Transformation for Financial Services Firm

1. Led the transformation of legacy collaboration systems to Microsoft 365 suite, enhancing productivity and communication across 10,000 users globally.
2. Designed Azure AD configuration to enable secure Single Sign-On (SSO) across applications, achieving seamless user access while improving security posture.
3. Implemented data loss prevention (DLP) policies and sensitivity labels, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and safeguarding sensitive data.
4. Architected SharePoint Online environment, customizing document libraries and workflows to streamline document management and version control.
5. Orchestrated a phased Microsoft Teams rollout, facilitating real-time collaboration, file sharing, and integrated apps, resulting in a 40% reduction in email volume.
6. Developed Power Apps to automate HR processes, reducing manual tasks and improving data accuracy in employee onboarding and leave management.
7. Integrated third-party conferencing solution with Microsoft Teams, enabling unified communication and efficient virtual meetings for remote teams.
8. Successfully migrated 5 TB of on-premises data to SharePoint Online, ensuring minimal disruption and preserving data integrity.
9. Provided comprehensive end-user training and documentation, driving rapid adoption and maximizing utilization of Microsoft 365 features.
10. Project resulted in 30% increase in cross-team collaboration and operational efficiency, positioning the company for future growth.

1. Led the design and implementation of a hybrid cloud strategy, integrating on-premises infrastructure with Azure and Microsoft 365 services.
2. Engineered a seamless Azure AD and on-premises Active Directory integration, enabling secure authentication and access management.
3. Architected Microsoft 365 security and compliance solutions, implementing data loss prevention (DLP), eDiscovery, and advanced threat protection.
4. Customized SharePoint sites and lists for efficient document management and client collaboration, resulting in 20% reduction in manual processes.
5. Designed and deployed Microsoft Teams as a central platform for internal communication and client engagement, improving responsiveness by 25%.
6. Created Power Apps solutions to automate loan application processes, reducing processing time by 30% and enhancing customer experience.
7. Implemented Azure Information Protection to classify and encrypt sensitive client data, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
8. Orchestrated the migration of critical financial data to Azure SQL Database, optimizing data storage and enhancing scalability.
9. Conducted training sessions for financial advisors on Microsoft 365 tools, empowering them to leverage insights from Power BI dashboards for client consultation.
10. Project achieved enhanced client collaboration, streamlined processes, and a foundation for future cloud innovation.

Microsoft 365 Adoption for Healthcare Provider Network

1. Led the adoption of Microsoft 365 across a network of healthcare providers, enabling secure communication and patient data sharing.
2. Designed a compliant Azure AD setup, ensuring HIPAA regulations were met while providing streamlined access to patient records and applications.
3. Implemented advanced security measures, including Conditional Access policies and multi-factor authentication (MFA), strengthening data protection.
4. Customized SharePoint Online to facilitate secure document collaboration among medical professionals, improving patient care coordination.
5. Successfully transitioned legacy paging systems to Microsoft Teams, enhancing real-time communication and reducing response times by 40%.
6. Created Power Apps solutions to automate patient appointment scheduling, reducing administrative overhead and improving patient satisfaction.
7. Implemented Microsoft Cloud App Security for threat detection and protection of sensitive patient data, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
8. Orchestrated the migration of patient records to OneDrive for Business, enhancing data accessibility while maintaining strict data privacy controls.
9. Conducted comprehensive training sessions for medical staff, enabling them to effectively use Microsoft 365 tools for improved patient care.
10. Project resulted in heightened collaboration, streamlined patient management processes, and enhanced data security across the healthcare network.



BE In Computer Science, TCOER- Savitribai Phule Pune University


Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert
Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
Identity and Services – MS 100
MS101 &- MD-102
Project Management Professional (PMP)

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