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Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing's new technologies help people be more productive and creative.

About Alif : Alif empowers Microsoft MSP-CSP partners to provide exceptional IT services to their clients to ensure that the partners reduce their costs and focus on their business. We provide white-labelled managed services for technologies like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Security, SharePoint, Power Platform, SQL, Azure DevOps and a lot more. Our headquarter is in Pune, India whereas we work with over 50 partners across the globe that trust us with their client delivery.

This morning, we unveiled new Surface hardware and software experiences that will enable users to connect and create on PCs while utilising the capabilities of the cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. I'd want to expand on a few of the enhancements we just announced for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing.

The previous several years have brought about significant changes in the way we live, both online and offline, as Panos discussed this morning. These newly developed habits are leading to the development of new PC usage patterns. Important PC chores have shifted online more often as a result of ongoing innovation in fields like content production, which is fueling a vibrant creator economy. Anyone who has access to the necessary tools may be a creative; creativity and self-expression are not limited to one object, one person, or one sector of the economy. User-generated content currently makes up 39% of weekly media consumption in the US, where around 20 million users now produce and commercialise their material online.

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing all have new creation tools.

Today, I'm excited to share new consumer features for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing that are intended to support everyone in igniting their creativity and expressing themselves. Everything starts with a concept, but it's not always simple to get going and express your uniqueness. We set out to address a few major issues with content creation and sharing for anyone attempting to establish their social media brand or just wishing to make a birthday party invitation for relatives and friends:

  • I find it challenging to begin when I have an idea. Why is it so hard to take a concept and digitally transform it into what I imagined?

  • It takes time for me to create stuff. Why does multiple picture and text formatting and resizing have to be so difficult?

  • Making original material that looks good is difficult. Why can't this tool just read my mind because I don't have design training but yet want high-quality designs?

  • And maybe most significantly, tools are dispersed (and expensive). I'm thrilled to introduce Microsoft Designer, a brand-new visual design tool in Microsoft 365 that enables you to quickly and easily create eye-catching social media posts, invites, digital postcards, graphics, and more.

Microsoft Designer is supported with AI technologies, such as DALLE 2 from OpenAI, so you may quickly and easily create a wide range of designs. Your thoughts are boosted by our advanced AI.

There is no need to waste time creating cards or social media posts from scratch when Designer is available. Additionally, you are no longer need to go through several pre-made layouts. Designer enables you to begin with a concept and delegate the labor-intensive tasks to the AI. For instance, using Designer's "start from scratch" feature allows you to design something completely original by only describing the image you want to see. Every surface of the app is driven by AI while you work in Designer to assist ensure consistent, aligned, appropriately sized, and beautiful designs, whether or not you have any innate design talent.

A user writes Ombre cake embellished with flowers and fall foliage in the Generate a picture using a description form to get further cake image possibilities after typing Cakes by Davi in the Add Text field in Designer.

The "design concepts" function magically and click-by-click merges the content into the design as you add additional information, such as photos or text. Following that, you are free to distribute your creations to the public in any way you like, including by posting them directly to social networking sites or downloading them for use offline.


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The Designer app was developed from the Designer feature in PowerPoint, which utilises AI to propose templates as you construct a presentation. You may pick from a variety of alternatives in PowerPoint's Designer depending on the type of material. In fact, our customers have used Designer in PowerPoint to store more than eight billion presentation designs (and counting). You may register for early access to our free web preview of the Microsoft Designer app to get started with it right away. People are encouraged to use it, provide input, and work with us to improve it. All upcoming features are not yet included in the free preview; more will be added over time. When the app is prepared for wide release, more premium features will be made accessible to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family customers in addition to the free version.

We are aware that content production doesn't just happen on apps; it also occurs online. In order to aesthetically enhance social network postings and other visual information without having to leave your browser window, we intend to incorporate Designer within Microsoft Edge.

We understand that artists want to make fantastic movies in addition to gorgeous logos, social media postings, and invites. I'm also happy to formally welcome Microsoft Clipchamp to the Microsoft 365 family because of this. The Microsoft 365 app suite now features a free video editor, enabling quick creation of attractive films.

Clipchamp makes it simple and quick to combine video, sound, and effects for any type of video, including highlight reels, family videos, viral dancing videos, and everyday vlogs. Without the requirement for advanced editing skills, anybody can create videos of a high calibre using Clipchamp. Additionally, Microsoft 365 users will now have free access to Clipchamp's premium features, which offer greater value than ever before.

On Windows 11 and the internet, Microsoft Clipchamp is now accessible as the inbox video editing software. Subscribers to Clipchamp Essentials and Microsoft 365 Personal and Family get access to premium Clipchamp capabilities.

We are also unveiling Microsoft Create, a new website, today. To encourage creators, help them save time, and help them improve their craft, we created this. To help you express your creativity and make the most of your time, we're combining the Microsoft 365 applications you already know and love with new creative apps in Create.

Any sort of creative may get started with making movies, graphic designs, papers, presentations, and more in the Create space. The power of our content creation products, including Designer, Clipchamp, PowerPoint, Word, and more, are combined in this ultimate creative launchpad. With the aid of expert templates, carefully chosen articles, and videos from people who have been in your position before, Create may inspire you and help you advance your talents. To assist you in trying to learn something new about content production, we are delighted to introduce this new website.

Users may view Create designs that inspire by scrolling through the Create homepage, choosing Templates from the navigation, Instagram from the dropdown menu, and viewing the Instagram template alternatives. Users can also choose Learn and Grow from the navigation to view content production advice.

Today, the Microsoft Create website went live and is accessible to everyone. Over time, we'll be adding new features and material to the website.

Let's now discuss how to choose the ideal image for your works of art. I believe that we have all become accustomed to a world in which you can discover the closest match to the image you're looking for by searching online. However, you were out of luck if you were looking for an image that, for whatever reason, didn't yet exist. With the new Image Creator from Microsoft Bing, you will be able to create images that don't already exist; your only restriction will be your creativity. Image Creator assists you in bringing your ideas to life by utilising the same DALLE 2-powered image-generator technology that is also present in the Microsoft Designer app.

To roll out this functionality, we are doing so gradually. We will shortly begin with a restricted preview for a few regions, allowing us to get feedback, put lessons learned into practise, and enhance the experience before extending further. You can access Image Creator as soon as it's available by going to the Bing Images tab and selecting "Image Creator," or by clicking the Image Creator symbol in the sidebar in Microsoft Edge.

It's critical to recognise that new technologies like DALLE 2 are still in their infancy and that improvements and further development are expected. We are serious about our commitment to responsible AI. We are collaborating with our partner OpenAI, which created DALLE 2, to take the required actions and will continue to refine our strategy in order to assist avoid DALLE 2 from producing improper results throughout the Designer app and Image Creator.

For instance, Microsoft implemented filters to restrict the production of images that violate content policy, and OpenAI excluded explicit sexual and violent content from the dataset used to train the model.

It's critical to recognise that new technologies like DALLE 2 are still in their infancy and that improvements and further development are expected. We are serious about our commitment to responsible AI. We are collaborating with our partner OpenAI, which created DALLE 2, to take the required actions and will continue to refine our strategy in order to assist avoid DALLE 2 from producing improper results throughout the Designer app and Image Creator.

For instance, Microsoft implemented filters to restrict the production of images that violate content policy, and OpenAI excluded explicit sexual and violent content from the dataset used to train the model.

Microsoft Edge has new tools that can help you save time and money.

We keep looking for ways to help you make the most of your online time—and save money in the process—in addition to new tools for creators.

One of the longest-lasting activities on a browser is still product research and purchasing, and this has only been more true in recent years. I can vouch for Microsoft Edge as one of the top browsers for shopping since I am an avid online shopper. Without the use of plug-ins, our built-in shopping features on Edge help customers save an average of $400 a year. Additionally, Microsoft Edge has already saved customers more than $1.4 billion through coupons. 3 That is actual money that affects how individuals live their daily lives.

Using the power of machine learning and AI to evaluate product information from across the web, such as pricing history, price comparisons, coupons, and discounts to help you save time and money, Microsoft Edge sidebar shopping is a new feature that makes this even easier and more personalised. You now have easy access to a personalised shopping centre with information like recent purchases, package tracking, frequently seen goods, open shopping carts, and discounts and coupons thanks to Shopping on the Microsoft Edge sidebar.

In addition to allowing, you to buy, Microsoft Edge's sidebar also allows you to access tools and first- and third-party services simultaneously within your browser while switching between tabs. I multitask in the sidebar to make the most of my internet time. Let's say a buddy recommends a laptop to me. I can click Shopping in the sidebar after clicking the link in my Outlook email to compare prices right away without ever switching between applications or pausing my current flow.

In Discover, the sidebar also enables you to compare search results from other search engines, use simple tools like a unit converter, or look at Games when you need a brief break. The nicest thing about the sidebar is how entirely configurable it is, letting you pick the options that will help you get the most out of your online experience.

If you use Windows, you may install Microsoft Edge and Bing right away on your computer. Download Microsoft Edge and share your thoughts with us if you want to experience Microsoft Edge and Bing on a macOS, mobile, or Linux device.

Uber One and Microsoft

Last but not least, we all know that we could use a lot these days, from artists to business owners, parents to students. New and current Microsoft 365 Personal and Family users may enjoy a six-month Uber One membership for free with their subscription starting today and continuing until January 10, 2023, plus $25 off their first Uber Eats order. Unlimited $0 Delivery Fee, a 10% discount on Uber Eats, and a 5% discount on Uber rides are all included with an Uber One subscription. Visit the Uber One offer here to sign up and find out more. We hope that this makes life a bit simpler on a daily basis.

At Microsoft, we're interested in finding ways to leverage technology to help you navigate the new, distracting, and unpredictable world that has just developed. Our behaviours have changed as a result of enduring changes to the way we work, play, and live. To make experiences across platforms and devices more seamless and customised, we're exploring for methods to break down boundaries. in order to let you express yourself. to use the power of the cloud and AI to open up the next phase of creativity and creation for you on the PC. We are eager to watch what you do.

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