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What Are The EMS Suite Enterprise Mobility And Security Suite Of M365?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Every businessperson needs the best solution for their business growth, a solution that makes their teamwork efficient, securely, and flexibly. As good as it sounds, to make this possible, sometimes a company has to employ several tools to make this happen. But coping with the growing needs of employees while maintaining all these and their security can be tedious from several aspects. Moreover, with changing work conditions, the need to access all your tools safely and efficiently is more than ever before.

Thankfully, technology has evolved to a stage where we have tools better than ever. Keeping these advantages in mind and several others Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is the best fit. To make it simpler for you to understand, EMS is intelligent mobility management and security platform that helps your employees to work in a new, secure, and flexible way. The Enterprise Mobility Suite combines four separate products into one.

The four primary components of EMS suite enterprise mobility and security suite of M365 are-

● Azure Active Directory Premium

Microsoft Intune

● Azure Rights Management

● Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Azure Active Directory Premium

We can all agree that working on a new device other than the one we usually work on can be pretty problematic. You may not have all the M365 Resource outsourcing you might require for your work. These may include several documents, SaaS apps, and access to web apps you run on your regular premises, and the same goes for your employees. In the current scenario, all of us need a tool that provides flexibility for work.

Every businessperson needs the best solution for their business growth, a solution that makes their teamwork efficient, securely, and flexibly.
What Are The EMS Suite Enterprise Mobility And Security Suite Of M365?

Azure Active Directory Premium is one of the best and most trusted cloud-based identity and access management solutions in the market. It helps you and your employees to securely connect with thousands of SaaS cloud software and on-premise software with a single password. With its premium feature, you will get multi-factor authentication and other more security feature.

Microsoft Intune

Built on Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune helps your employees securely link their personal devices to the company's application, data, and resources from virtually anywhere. It links the unlimited number of mobile devices to employees' active directory profiles. It provides three main components of the overall Enterprise Mobility Suite from the cloud:

1. Mobile Device Management - MDM gives your employees the ability to link and manage non-computer devices like android devices, apple ios devices and windows phone devices. It supports both companys' owned devices and employees' personal devices when they want to access company data, email, and applications from their devices.

2. Mobile Application Management (MAM) - MDM acts as a primary device control allowing users to have basic access to company email and its data, however, users now require solutions where they can access more information and program so that they don't have to face any restraint while working and can complete their work efficiently even when they are away from their system. MAM helps users to achieve this by allowing them to enrol their mobile device on the company portal application.

3. PC Management - Apart from this, it provides desktop and pc management where intune is positioned as a lite version of the system centre configuration manager (a Microsoft software that allows users to manage multiple computers) to operate their device in an on-premise environment.

Azure Rights Management

Cybersafety is one of the main concerns of every organization, and with a rise in cyber-attacks, it is mandatory to make sure your data is safe. Azure right management provides document-level information protection by encrypting them and securely accessing them when shared with users outside.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft advanced threat analytics provide an efficient network by real-time monitoring of suspicious user and device activity for security purposes. As EMS usually works in the cloud, it collects all data that includes every user, every device, every location, every access, every request, and every document. This data is live processed to identify any suspicious activity.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is based on machine learning and therefore is continuously improving itself. When a threat is detected, it gives actionable recommendations, alerts for known risk, disclosure of malicious attacks, and analysis of abnormal behavior.

With all these features, we can undoubtedly say the EMS suite enterprise mobility and security suite of M365 can prove to be the apt tool you've been looking for so far. If you wish to know more about how it works contact Alif consultancy.

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