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Power Apps

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the most popular products in the Microsoft 365 suite. Power Apps' existing features, as well as Microsoft's most recent upgrades to the program, enable further capabilities and customization for businesses. Power Apps is an application creator that enables users to build mobile- and web-based forms and apps with low or no code. The apps it enables can interact with data sources and services within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. App creators can infuse business intelligence dashboards and automation into apps, making the platform more attractive to businesses.

Power Bi

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Your data may be an Excel spreadsheet, or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid data warehouses. Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, visualize and discover what's important, and share that with anyone or everyone you want.

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The parts of Power BI

Power BI consists of several elements that all work together, starting with these three basics:

  • A Windows desktop application called Power BI Desktop.

  • An online SaaS (Software as a Service) service called the Power BI service.

  • Power BI mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

These three elements Power BI Desktop, the service, and the mobile apps—are designed to let you create, share, and consume business insights in the way that serves you and your role most effectively.

Beyond those three, Power BI also features two other elements:

  • Power BI Report Builder, for creating paginated reports to share in the Power BI service. Read more about paginated reports later in this article.

  • Power BI Report Server, an on-premises report server where you can publish your Power BI reports, after creating them in Power BI Desktop. Read more about Power Bi Report Server later in this article.

Benefits Of Power Bi

  • Power BI offers several benefits to your business and your team. Some of the biggest are the easy creation of reports and dashboards and the ability to share them quickly with other members of the organisation.

  • Users can also use existing App workspaces to collect related data from multiple sources, making it easier for anyone who wants access to this information to find it.

  • Power BI allows you to refresh data automatically. If new data has been added, it will update automatically without needing someone on your team to check for changes manually.

  • The value that Power BI creates for your business is more than just the data; it’s also about how you use it to get insights into your company.

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