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Rohit has expertise in the M365 SharePoint Consultant and working as techincal consultant. He has 10+ years of experience.


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  • Microsoft D365 CRM Data Migration and Integration

    1. Collaborated with stakeholders to assess the data landscape and identified data sources for migration.
    2. Defined data mapping rules and performed transformations to align with the CRM data model.
    3. Developed custom data extraction scripts and tools to extract data from various source systems.
    4. Implemented data cleansing procedures to ensure data quality and accuracy before migration.
    5. Designed and implemented an integration architecture to synchronise real-time data between CRM and other enterprise systems.
    6. Utilized RESTful and SOAP APIs to integrate CRM with external applications, enabling seamless data flow.
    7. Developed custom plugins and workflows within CRM to automate data processing and enrichment.
    8. Conducted extensive data testing and validation to ensure data integrity and correctness.
    9. Provided training to end users and administrators on data entry best practices and CRM integration processes.
    10. Created comprehensive documentation outlining data migration and integration processes for future reference.

    Microsoft D365 CRM Customization and Workflow Automation
    1. Collaborated with business users to gather and document detailed CRM customization requirements.2. Designed and implemented custom entities in CRM to capture specific business data.3. Created custom fields, forms, and views tailored to user roles and business processes.4. Developed complex workflows and business process flows to automate lead-to-opportunity and case management processes.5. Leveraged JavaScript and C# plugins to extend CRM functionality and enhance user experience.6. Integrated CRM with a marketing automation platform for lead nurturing and campaign tracking.7. Designed custom dashboards and reports to provide real-time insights into sales and customer service activities.8. Fine-tuned the CRM security model to ensure data privacy and compliance with access controls.9. Conducted training sessions to educate users and administrators on the newly customized CRM features.10. Established a process for gathering user feedback and iteratively improving CRM customization based on user needs.

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