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Solution Partner

Microsoft Solution Partners are companies that have demonstrated expertise in delivering quality solutions using Microsoft technologies. These partners have access to exclusive resources and support from Microsoft, which enables them to provide exceptional service to their clients. By partnering with a Microsoft Solution Partner, businesses can leverage the latest technologies to drive growth and innovation.


Struggling to get your Solution Partner designation?
Low Partner Capability Scores could be costing you thousands in Microsoft funding and benefits.

Let Alif optimize your performance metrics, unlocking full potential and driving business growth. Maximize incentives and turn missed opportunities into real revenue.
Maximum ROI
Technical Competency
Maximum Conversion

Performance Metrics

Achieving excellence in the Solution Partner Program demands a strategic focus on key performance metrics.


Initial Assessment:

Review of your current performance metrics:

customer adds, active usage, deployment growth, and consumption revenue

Actionable Roadmaps:

Develop customized action plans with clear, actionable steps to improve specific metrics.


Execution Support:

Assist in implementing strategies with practical tools and templates, including Power BI dashboards and Azure usage reports.

At Alif, we help partners understand and optimize these metrics to enhance their Partner Capability Score.

Missing out on key incentives as a Microsoft Partner?
Maximize incentives and turn missed opportunities into real revenue.

Certification Accelerator

We streamline the journey toward Microsoft certifications, tailored to enhance your partner capability score.

Intermediate Certifications

Assess current skills and pinpoint the right intermediate 

certifications for your team. Provide customized training plans to help your team master the necessary skills.

Advanced Certifications

Guide your team through advanced certifications with expert-led sessions. Offer practical exercises and real-world scenarios to ensure mastery of advanced topics.

Ongoing Support

Keep skills up-to-date with ongoing training and resources. Provide access to study guides, practice tests, and peer discussions.


With Alif, achieving the certifications that elevate your partner capability score is simplified and effective.

Ignoring skilling metrics can cost partners up to 40% of their Partner Capability Score, impacting their access to key incentives and support.

Customer Usage Optimization

This directly impacts your Partner Capability Score & includes metrics such as active usage rates, feature adoption, and overall customer satisfaction


Feature Utilization Analysis

Conduct an in-depth analysis to identify which Microsoft features and services (e.g., Teams, SharePoint, Azure services) are being used frequently and which are underutilized by your customers.

Understand the patterns of high and low engagement to pinpoint areas for potential growth.


Customer Feedback Integration

Collect feedback directly from customers through surveys and interviews to understand their experiences with specific Microsoft features. Identify pain points and usage barriers, such as difficulties with feature functionality or lack of awareness about certain capabilities.


Actionable Insights Development

Develop specific, actionable plans based on the analysis. Focus on initiatives like personalized training sessions to boost adoption of underutilized features, regular check-ins to address customer concerns, and targeted communication to highlight the benefits of key Microsoft features.

Ignoring skilling metrics can cost partners up to 40% of their Partner Capability Score, impacting their access to key incentives and support.

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