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Web and Apps

Web & App Development

  • Web application development is the complex process of designing, building, testing and deploying a web-based app.

  • When a business wants to create an online presence, they may choose to create a custom web application.

  • Web applications are interactive pages that enable user input and run on a web server.

  • What makes a web application unique is that it is stored on the internet and can be accessed via browser.

  • They are also secure, easy to backup and are more affordable than mobile application development.

Reduce CostsBenefits of Web & App Development

  • Speed & Cost – Web application development is faster and more economical than building native apps. Therefore, if the primary goal is to accelerate time-to-market, web application development is the best choice for businesses.

  • Easy to update – Updating web applications is easy, as only the servers would require upgrades.

  • Cross-platform capabilities – Web applications are programmed to run on any operating system. Due to their cross-platform capabilities, web applications can adapt well to Android, iOs, Mac OS, and Windows phones.

  • Customization – Custom web app development offers several benefits, such as tailored features for the users. These applications are easily accessible via browsers with a stable internet connection. Custom web apps help cut unnecessary expenses and save time as only required features need to be developed.

  • Browser Compatibility – A web application runs on the device’s browser using an accessible URL. Modern web applications are compatible with all browsers, such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Bing.

  • Reduced operating costs – Web application development is a great way to cut down operating costs. It drives to eliminate unnecessary expenses such as hardware purchases, frequent device updates, and maintenance of numerous systems.

  • Expanded Security- Web applications are typically deployed on dedicated servers, constantly monitored, and managed by experienced server administrators. This is more effective than monitoring hundreds or even thousands of client computers, as with desktop applications.

  • Zero Downloads – Web apps don’t need to be downloaded from app stores such as Apple’s app store or Google Play. This helps save money since having a direct link through a web app is free.

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What is the best platform to develop a web application?

Ruby on Rails- Ruby on Rails is popularly known for its predictability and stability, and it is easy to modify the existing codes and add new features with Ruby on Rails. Many start-ups and established small and big businesses value the speed and agility of Ruby on Rails.

Angular JS - The framework is great for mobile eCommerce, video streaming, travel apps, and review applications. Google, Netflix, Upwork, PayPal are the most popular applications built on AngularJS. - is popular due to its ability to create dynamic and rich web pages and web portals. Considered the perfect framework for desktop and mobile app development, it definitely is popular for being scalable and dynamic. Many companies around the world consider and prefer and consider it the best technology in website development.

Node.js - Node.js, a powerful JavaScript-based platform, is one of the best to build highly efficient web applications. This particular framework is great for making single-page web apps, video streaming sites, and more. 

React.js - React.js is an open-source Javascript library that helps to build high-performance and SEO-friendly web applications. React is preferred for single-page web applications.

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