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Mannai Corporation

Industry: All Verticals
Location: Doha, Qatar
Size: 1,800+ employees

Mannai Corporation is a leading Qatari company renowned for its diversified business interests. While primarily known for its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services, Mannai Corporation has a diverse portfolio extending into sectors like automotive, energy, industrial, and healthcare.

Challenges Overview

• Initial Situation: While Mannai Corporation possessed administrative experts in technology, they lacked profound technical expertise. The high costs associated with on-site engineers compounded their challenges.
• Pain Points:
◦ Overwhelmed by a significant number of government-driven projects which demanded top-tier expertise.
◦ Required rigorous assessments and secure deployments, especially considering the region's limited technological awareness.
◦ Despite their well-established brand, the inability to undertake sizable government projects due to expertise deficits.
◦ The vastness of their portfolio led to a diminished focus on IT, specifically Microsoft Technology.


• Proposed Solution: Alif bolsters Mannai's technical prowess, providing five dedicated presales across M365, O365, Azure, and Cyber Security domains. Committed to timely project delivery, a dedicated project manager was assigned to streamline execution. Alif also orchestrated expert-led webinars focusing on Microsoft Security to boost brand awareness. In total, 70 distinct projects were successfully delivered, including on-prem to Azure migrations, file server to SharePoint migrations, diverse email migrations to Office 365, EMS implementations, and penetration testing under cybersecurity.
• Implementation Process: Each project was meticulously executed within the stipulated timelines.
• Key Features of the Solution:
1. Dedicated consultants across pivotal technologies.
2. Comprehensive documentation for every project.
3. Expert-led webinars to enhance brand visibility and market awareness.
4. Bi-monthly meetings to ensure alignment and progress tracking.


• Quantifiable Benefits:
◦ Among Mannai's 1,000 customers in Qatar, Alif efficiently offloaded services for 250, slashing engineering costs by a staggering 50%.
• Qualitative Benefits:
◦ Enhanced trust and brand reputation in the market, especially for government projects.
◦ Streamlined focus on sales, leveraging Mannai's dominant market position and Alif's technical expertise.
◦ Mitigated the challenges of a diverse portfolio by utilizing Alif's specialization, ensuring that no domain suffered from a lack of attention.

Future Prospects

Mannai Corporation can now concentrate on sales and capitalize on its low competition landscape, overcoming previous challenges by harnessing Alif's comprehensive expertise.

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