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Power BI & Apps Developer



Years of Exp.

Technical Skills

1. Power BI Report Development
2. Power Query Data Transformation
3. DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Formulas
4. Power BI Data Modeling

5. Power Automate (formerly Flow) Integration
6. Power BI Embedded for Application Development
7. Power BI REST API Integration
8. Custom Visual Development for Power BI

Professional Summary



    1. Led and managed end-to-end Power BI projects as the primary technical expert in data visualization and analytics.
    2. Collaborated with stakeholders to gather and understand business requirements, translating them into actionable Power BI solutions.
    3. Developed and designed interactive and visually appealing Power BI reports and dashboards to provide insights into complex data sets.
    4. Utilized Power Query to transform and shape data from various sources for analysis and reporting.
    5. Created advanced calculations and measures using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) to support complex business logic and KPIs.
    6. Designed and implemented robust data models in Power BI, optimizing data relationships and hierarchies for performance.
    7. Integrated Power BI reports and dashboards into applications and websites using Power BI Embedded for a seamless user experience.
    8. Automated data workflows and processes using Power Automate to ensure real-time data updates and notifications.
    9. Leveraged the Power BI REST API to integrate Power BI reports and dashboards into custom applications and portals.
    10. Developed custom visuals and extensions for Power BI to address specific data visualization and reporting requirements.
    11. Managed the deployment and distribution of Power BI content across different environments, ensuring data security and access control.
    12. Conducted data profiling and data quality assessments to ensure the accuracy and reliability of sources.
    13. Created and maintained documentation, including data dictionaries, report design specifications, and user guides.
    14. Collaborated with business analysts and end-users to define and refine key performance indicators (KPIs) for data-driven decision-making.
    15. Trained and supported business users on interacting with and interpreting Power BI reports and dashboards.
    16. Monitored and optimized Power BI report performance, addressing performance bottlenecks and implementing improvements.
    17. Conducted thorough testing and validation of Power BI reports and dashboards to ensure data accuracy and completeness.
    18. Stayed updated with the latest Power BI features, best practices, and industry trends, sharing insights and recommendations with the team and clients.
    19. Participated in cross-functional teams, working closely with data engineers, data scientists, and other stakeholders to deliver comprehensive analytics solutions.
    20. Collaborated with project managers to ensure project timelines, budgets, and deliverables were met, achieving high levels of client satisfaction.


Sales Performance Analytics Dashboard

HR Analytics and Employee Insights

1. Collaborated with the sales team to understand their reporting needs and KPIs.
2. Integrated data from multiple sources, including CRM and ERP systems, into Power BI.
3. Designed a robust data model to support complex sales performance metrics and calculations.
4. Developed a visually appealing Power BI dashboard with interactive visualizations for sales managers and executives.
5. Created custom DAX measures to calculate sales growth, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators.
6. Implemented scheduled data refresh to ensure the dashboard displays up-to-date information.
7. Conducted training sessions to familiarize users with the dashboard and empower them to create their reports.
8. Fine-tuned the data model and report queries for optimal dashboard performance.
9. Gathered user feedback and iteratively improved the dashboard based on their input.
10. Prepared the solution for scalability to handle increased data volumes and additional reporting requirements.

1. Integrated HR data into Power BI from various systems, including HRIS and performance management tools.
2. Designed complex ETL processes to clean, transform, and shape HR data for reporting.
3. Implemented row-level security to ensure only authorized HR personnel could access sensitive employee data.
4. Created interactive Power BI dashboards to give HR managers insights into employee turnover, performance, and diversity.
5. Developed custom visuals to display workforce diversity statistics and employee satisfaction scores.
6. Enabled HR teams to make data-driven decisions by providing insights into talent acquisition, retention, and training.
7. Empowered HR teams to create ad-hoc reports and explore HR data independently.
8. Automated calculating and tracking key HR metrics, such as turnover rates and time-to-fill job vacancies.
9. Optimized data loading and report rendering for improved dashboard performance.
10. Prepared comprehensive documentation for HR teams, including data dictionaries and report-building guidelines.

Financial Consolidation & Reporting Solution

1. Integrated financial data from various subsidiaries and business units into a central Power BI data model.
2. Developed a standardized data mapping and consolidation process to ensure consistency in financial reporting.
3. Implemented currency conversion calculations to report financial data in the corporate currency.
4. Created Power BI dashboards for financial executives and stakeholders to monitor revenue, expenses, and profitability.
5. Developed dynamic reports to analyze budget vs. actual financial performance and variances.
6. Implemented role-based security to restrict access to sensitive financial data based user roles.
7. Automated the generation and distribution of financial reports to stakeholders regularly.
8. Implemented audit trails to track changes in financial data and maintain data integrity.
9. Conducted training sessions for finance teams on using Power BI for financial reporting and analysis.
10. Ensured compliance with financial reporting standards by documenting data sources and calculations for audit purposes.



Master of Computer Science - VIIT Pune


Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate
Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

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