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Power Automate Desktop Developer



Years of Exp.

Technical Skills

1. Power Automate Desktop Workflow Development
2. Automation Scripting and Logic Building
3. Web Scraping and Data Extraction
4. Application Integration and GUI Automation

5. Error Handling and Exception Management
6. Custom Connector Development
7. PowerShell Scripting for Advanced Automation
8. Data Manipulation and Transformation for Automation

Professional Summary



    1. Spearheaded intricate Power Automate Desktop initiatives, serving as the driving force behind transformative automation solutions.
    2. Collaborated closely with stakeholders to conceptualize and refine automation objectives, ensuring alignment with operational goals.
    3. Pioneered innovative automation workflows that drastically reduced manual tasks, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
    4. Devised ingenious web scraping and data extraction solutions, enabling clients to harness vital data for decision-making.
    5. Masterminded the orchestration of diverse applications and systems through seamless GUI automation and integration.
    6. Engineered robust error-handling mechanisms, guaranteeing faultless execution of automated processes.
    7. Championed the development of custom connectors, enabling smooth interaction with proprietary systems and databases.
    8. Leveraged the power of PowerShell scripting to unlock advanced automation capabilities and system integration.
    9. Excelled in the art of data manipulation and transformation, unleashing the full potential of automation for data-driven decisions.
    10. Deployed automation scripts to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, boosting productivity across the organization.
    11. Elevated automation to an art form, integrating AI and machine learning elements to unlock predictive and adaptive automation.
    12. Channeled my expertise into creating personalized automation solutions that aligned precisely with clients' unique needs.
    13. Led rigorous testing and validation efforts, ensuring that automated processes adhered to stringent quality standards.
    14. Established myself as the go-to expert for complex automation challenges, providing expert guidance to peers and clients alike.
    15. Fostered cross-functional collaboration, working seamlessly with data scientists, developers, and business analysts.
    16. Acted as the guardian of automation excellence, proactively identifying opportunities for process improvements.
    17. Aligned myself with industry trends and emerging technologies, pioneering the adoption of cutting-edge automation tools.
    18. Advanced automation best practices, ensuring that every solution adhered to industry-leading standards.
    19. Nurtured a culture of continuous learning and innovation, staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of automation.
    20. Worked hand in hand with project managers to ensure the successful execution of automation initiatives, exceeding client expectations.


Robotic Process Automation for Data Entry

Sales Order Automation

1. Analyzed a manual data entry process involving large volumes of invoices.
2. Designed a Power Automate Desktop bot to automate data extraction and entry into the organization's financial system.
3. Implemented data validation checks to ensure accuracy and consistency in the entered data.
4. Developed error-handling mechanisms to identify and resolve discrepancies or exceptions in the data.
5. Integrated the RPA bot with existing applications and databases, ensuring seamless data flow.
6. Set up scheduled bot runs to process invoices at specified intervals, reducing manual effort.
7. Implemented email notifications to alert stakeholders of successful or failed data entries.
8. Fine-tuned the bot's performance to process a high volume of invoices efficiently.
9. Ensured compliance with data security and privacy regulations during data handling.
10. Conducted training sessions for staff to monitor and manage the RPA bot effectively.

1. Evaluated the manual sales order entry process and identified areas for automation.
2. Created a Power Automate Desktop bot to capture sales order details from emails and documents.
3. Implemented Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract data from scanned documents.
4. Developed logic for order validation, including inventory checks and pricing verification.
5. Automated the entry of validated orders into the company's ERP system.
6. Built exception-handling mechanisms to address discrepancies and notify relevant teams.
7. Created a real-time dashboard using Power BI to monitor order processing status and bottlenecks.
8. Automated the archiving of processed documents for compliance and record-keeping.
9. Designed the solution to accommodate increased order volumes without performance degradation.
10. Provided training to the sales and operations teams for efficient use of the automated system.

Inventory Management and Replenishment

1. Assessed the inventory management process to optimize stock levels and replenishment.
2. Developed a Power Automate Desktop bot to monitor real-time inventory levels.
3. Set up automated alerts for low-stock items, triggering procurement processes.
4. Automated the generation of purchase orders based on predefined reorder points and quantities.
5. Implemented automated communication with suppliers for order placement.
6. Automated the confirmation of inventory receipt, updating the ERP system.
7. Built reports and dashboards to analyze inventory turnover rates and optimize stocking levels.
8. Integrated the solution with the organization's ERP and supplier systems.
9. Ensured data security and access controls in the automation process.
10. Provided training materials and documentation for the procurement and inventory teams.



B. Tech Computer Science – CMR Institute of Technology


Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
UiPath Certified Advanced RPA Developer
Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional

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