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Innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services and world-class security

The workplace is evolving rapidly, and employees have new expectations for work and how it should get done. Business leaders are embracing these changes and supporting a new culture of work. 

This means…

  • Collaborating in real time

  • Having always-on access to files and data

  • Flexibility to work from wherever, whenever

  • Staying safe and secure

Business leaders recognize that people are at the core of how each of their companies operate and it’s imperative to empower their employees to innovate and grow in a competitive landscape.

At the same time, companies are faced with the challenge of protecting their people and IP in a more complex threat environment.

Companies are constantly looking for solutions to enable a modern workplace for their employees.
At Alif, we know the ins and outs of creating customized modern desktops. If you’re considering updating your IT infrastructure to a modern desktop solution, contact us today.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, which integrates Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, helps organizations accelerate digital transformation with a single comprehensive solution.

MS 365

Gain access across devices, along with essential collaboration tools and apps.

Windows 10

Experience the familiarity of your desktop and operating system, no matter the device.


Secure from the cloud for advanced identity, device management and more.


  • Office 365 - Stay up to date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

  • Email and Calendaring - Connect with customers and co-workers using Outlook and Exchange.

  • Data Protection Controls - Secure business data on personal and company-owned devices.

  • Safest Windows Ever - Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 and 8.1 Pro.

  • Cyberthreat Protection - Help protect PC’s from malware, viruses and spyware.

  • Administration and Deployment - Manage new PCs and devices faster and more easily than ever.

Alif’s Enhanced Security Offering

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Alif helps protect users’ Identities and control access to valuable resource based on user risk level.

Information Protection

Information Protection

Alif helps clients to have policies that ensure documents and emails are seen only by authorized people based on client requirement.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection

Alif  ensures that proper security policies are in place to protect organizations against advanced threats.

Security Management

Security Management

Alif ensures that proper security measures are in place by managing Azure Security Center, Office365 Security Center and Windows Defender Security Center.

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