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M365 SharePoint Consultant



Years of Exp.

Technical Skills

1. Advanced SharePoint Online Architecture and Design
2. Expert SharePoint Online Site Collection Configuration
3. Custom SharePoint Online Solution Development
4. Advanced SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Development
5. InfoPath Forms and Power Apps for SharePoint Customization
6. Advanced SharePoint Workflow Design and Automation

7. SharePoint Migration and Data Management Strategies
8. PowerShell Scripting for SharePoint Administration
9. SharePoint Online Security and Permissions Management
10. Advanced SharePoint Content Search and Query Design
11. SharePoint Online Governance and Compliance Expertise
12. Advanced SharePoint Online Monitoring and Performance Optimization

Professional Summary



    1. Spearheaded designing and implementing complex SharePoint Online architectures tailored to clients' unique requirements.
    2. Orchestrated the SharePoint Online site collections configuration, optimizing them for efficient data storage and retrieval.
    3. Showcased expertise in developing custom SharePoint Online solutions, including web parts, apps, and extensions.
    4. Pioneered advanced SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development, delivering cutting-edge user experiences.
    5. Seamlessly integrated InfoPath Forms and Power Apps to customize SharePoint Online environments and streamline data collection.
    6. Designed and automated intricate SharePoint workflows, enhancing business processes and reducing manual intervention.
    7. Led successful SharePoint migration projects, employing proven strategies to ensure data integrity and minimal downtime.
    8. Demonstrated PowerShell prowess for SharePoint administration, automating tasks and boosting administrative efficiency.
    9. Expertly managed SharePoint Online security, implementing robust permissions structures and access controls.
    10. Crafted advanced content search and query designs, enabling users to find information swiftly.
    11. Developed and enforced SharePoint Online governance policies and compliance standards, ensuring data security and regulatory adherence.
    12. Masterminded SharePoint Online environments' monitoring and performance optimization, maintaining peak efficiency.
    13. Guided cross-functional teams to ensure collaborative and successful SharePoint projects.
    14. Served as a subject matter expert, offering guidance and mentorship to junior SharePoint professionals.
    15. Conducted comprehensive SharePoint training sessions for end-users, empowering them to leverage the platform effectively.
    16. Innovated and implemented SharePoint best practices, continually improving solution quality.
    17. Played a pivotal role in change management and user adoption initiatives, ensuring seamless transitions.
    18. Collaborated with clients to identify opportunities for enhancing SharePoint capabilities and aligning them with business goals.
    19. Stayed at the forefront of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 updates, providing strategic recommendations to clients.
    20. Actively contributed to knowledge sharing within the SharePoint community and fostered a culture of continuous learning.


Intranet Redesign and Employee Collaboration Portal

Knowledge Management and Document Automation

1. Spearheaded the redesign and modernization of the organization's SharePoint-based intranet and employee collaboration portal.
2. Led efforts to create a user-centric design, improving the overall user experience and accessibility.
3. Revamped the information architecture to enhance content discoverability and navigation.
4. Ensured the intranet was fully responsive, providing a seamless experience across various devices.
5. Developed custom web parts to showcase corporate news, announcements, and department-specific information.
6. Implemented advanced document management capabilities, including version control and metadata tagging.
7. Integrated SharePoint with Microsoft 365 apps like Teams and OneDrive to facilitate seamless collaboration.
8. Created an interactive employee directory with search and contact features.
9. Introduced social features like discussion forums and user-generated content to boost employee engagement.
10. Conducted user training sessions and provided ongoing support to promote intranet adoption.

1. Led a knowledge management initiative to optimize document handling and automation.
2. Designed a comprehensive taxonomy and metadata structure for document categorization and searchability.
3. Developed Power Automate workflows to automate document approval, review, and publication processes.
4. Oversaw the migration of legacy documents into SharePoint, ensuring data integrity and preservation.
5. Established content ownership and access controls to maintain data security and compliance.
6. Implemented content governance policies and automated archiving for records management.
7. Enhanced search capabilities, including federated search across repositories and custom search results pages.
8. Created standardized document templates with data-driven content for streamlined document creation.
9. Conducted training sessions for content authors and administrators on document automation and governance.
10. Leveraged SharePoint usage analytics to gain insights into document usage patterns and user behaviors.

External Collaboration and Partner Portal

1. Designed and implemented a secure partner portal to enhance external collaboration and information sharing.
2. Implemented granular access controls to ensure that partners could access only relevant resources.
3. Developed an automated partner onboarding process for streamlined account creation and permissions.
4. Created custom workspaces for each partner, allowing tailored collaboration and content sharing.
5. Enabled secure file sharing with external partners through SharePoint while maintaining data security.
6. Integrated the partner portal with the organization's CRM system for seamless information exchange.
7. Introduced collaborative tools like discussion boards, calendars, and shared document libraries.
8. Implemented a feedback mechanism to capture partner suggestions and improve portal functionality.
9. Provided training materials and ongoing support to partners for efficient portal utilization.
10. Established performance monitoring and reporting to assess portal usage and optimize features.



MSC - Christ University Bangalore


1. MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
2. PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
3. MS-365: Certified Teamwork Associates

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