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Technical Resource Outsourcing- India

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Nowadays, the majority of businesses outsource their work to India in order to cut expenses and expand their business operations.

From industry titans like Microsoft, Google, and IBM to fledgling entrepreneurs... Everybody is using it.

Do you want to outsource to India as well?

In no time, you can be looking at higher revenues thanks to India's effectiveness and proficiency in managing outsourced work.

Everything you need to know about outsourcing to India and managing your outsourced personnel will be covered in this article.

This article contains

  • The Value of Technical Assistance

  • How Does Outsourcing Work?

  • Technical Support Outsourcing: A Smart Business Move?

  • Why do businesses act this way?

  • Pricing Models for Technical Support Services Outsourcing

  • Indian technical support services outsourcing

  • India-based offshore technical support services

The Value of Technical Assistance

The value of customer service is growing in the current, cutthroat corporate environment. In addition to quality and pricing, consumers have a variety of options on the market, and the post-sale technical support and service they receive is a crucial element in luring new clients and keeping hold of existing ones. One component of customer support is attending to ordinary consumer grievances and inquiries, but what about potential technical issues with your product or service? It is crucial to allocate resources to technical assistance that can handle any technological issues the consumer may have.

How Does Outsourcing Work?

Three Services That Are Often Outsourced to India

Even though you can hire an Indian service provider for nearly any non-core duty, here is a deeper look at some of the more well-liked ones:

1. Information Technology (IT)

Whatever your line of business, you require IT assistance for things like:

  • Website creation

  • Technical assistance

  • Development of software and mobile apps

However, as IT services need specialized training and tools, you'll need to prepare your own team and put up the necessary infrastructure. This can take a long time and be quite expensive.

Why not contract it out to the Indian IT sector instead?

The required infrastructure, specialized expertise, and talented software developers are already available in the Indian software industry.

Your time and resources are now free to concentrate on expanding your company. You don't need to be concerned about a drop in the quality of work because the majority of these businesses have been doing it for decades.

2. Services for customer support

You must answer your customers' demands and worries whether you're a software development company or an online retailer. But it can take a lot of time and effort to respond to numerous client emails and phone calls.

So why not hire an Indian service provider to handle it?

You can engage call centers to take care of your clients' demands because it's not a particularly technical task. They will have all the devoted personnel and equipment required to offer around-the-clock service. In this way, you are free to concentrate on key business operations that actually require the input of your staff.

3. Services for Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

KPO is the outsourcing of information-processing-intensive tasks, such as:

analytics using big data

research on finances and investments

market analysis

These are high-end services for which you must comprehend corporate operations and process vast amounts of data. It is better to outsource this to Indian service providers because implementing this internally involves a lot of time and other resources.

What is the benefit of Indian KPOs?

By outsourcing to Indian service providers, you avoid the hassle of locating and hiring qualified employees and instead receive high-quality work from engineers and MBAs. They'll also be equipped with the technologies to guarantee the security and accuracy of your data.

Technical Support Outsourcing: A Smart Business Move!

Technical support provided overseas cannot longer be considered an incidental process. In order to provide clients with greater value, it calls for a committed and knowledgeable workforce that will work nonstop.

As they deal with operational restrictions like - outsourcing technical support to offshore partners is a wise business option, and many multinational organizations search for offshore partners to outsource technical support services.

  • High employee turnover and labor expenditures for technical support personnel

  • minimizing the investment in infrastructure

  • optimizing the use of scarce resources

  • Need to free up essential organizational resources from regular tasks

Why do businesses act this way?

They employ outside service providers to complete the work for them rather than doing it themselves. In doing so, they can concentrate on key tasks that are crucial for expanding their company.

Additionally, as the majority of outsourcing service providers are headquartered in nations with cheaper labor, businesses can also save money!

Pricing Models for Technical Support Services Outsourcing

Rates for technical support provided remotely might vary depending on a number of factors, including

Per Interaction or Contact Per Talk Time Per Resource Deployment Per Closed Incident

Additional pricing techniques include:

  • both fixed and variable costs,

  • per hour, per minute,

  • fixed proportion of personnel utilization,

  • Pricing for a predefined quantity and/or level of services at fixed prices is referred to as incremental flat rates.

Indian Technical Support Services Outsourcing

With a youthful, productive workforce, a track record of handling business process outsourcing projects, and a persistent cost advantage, India offers a durable value proposition. India has a large pool of highly educated, certified, and skilled workers with the necessary domain knowledge because it is one of the most well-known outsourcing locations. The nation is famous for its advancements in the information technology sector. The country of India is a desirable location for outsourcing technical support services due to these aspects and many others.

India-based offshore technical support services

Indian service providers provide a variety of technical support services that let you provide top-notch technical help to your clients and staff at competitive prices. These solutions combine personalized technical support services available around the clock with cutting-edge knowledge management and automated help technology.

By establishing IT Support and outsourcing technical support services to India, you can raise customer satisfaction and boost operational efficiency. The knowledge of Indian service providers includes desktop, internet, server, and networking products.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Outsourcing to India

Let's look at India's benefits and drawbacks to assist you in deciding if it is the best outsourcing location for you:

A. Benefits

Similar to the Philippines, India has served as a lucrative outsourcing location for several businesses, including IT behemoths like Google and Facebook.

This is why:

1. Being economical

It's no secret that most businesses want to outsource their work abroad to reduce expenses.

In comparison to other wealthy nations like the United States, India has a cheap cost of living. Your outsourced employees will receive lesser compensation as a result. Only a little portion of what you would have to pay for a US employee would be required!

Although it goes without saying for any developing nation, it isn't the only factor in why businesses choose to offshore to India.

2. Availability of a Vast Talent Pool

Another reason why organizations want to outsource to Indian service providers is the accessibility of competent personnel.

India's numerous colleges and universities produce a sizable number of highly qualified professionals every year. Most of them are knowledgeable with cutting-edge technology and top-notch company methods to complete your assignments effectively.

This guarantees that Indian outsourcing companies have access to the necessary skill sets to perform high-quality work continuously.

3. Knowledge of English

The majority of problems with outsourcing come up when there is a language barrier that prevents comprehension.

Since English is the primary language of teaching in most higher education institutions, many Indians speak English well or at a native level.

B. Drawbacks

Despite being one of the top locations worldwide for business process outsourcing, there are several disadvantages to outsourcing to India:

1. Time Zone Variations

Although the majority of Indians are fluent in English, you could still have some communication problems.


While virtual communication solutions might enable you to communicate across distances, time zone variations can cause communication to be delayed.

For instance, you can communicate with your outsourced personnel using technologies like Slack and Fleep, but occasionally you would want to do it through video conference. However, scheduling these calls might be challenging due to time zones!

2. Monitoring Problems

One of the main problems with outsourcing to other countries is this.

Keeping track of your outsourced employees' job activity when they are hundreds of miles distant might be difficult. You may not be aware of their involvement with your project.

You need to be aware of how long it took to complete the assignment, as the majority of outsourcing companies bill by the hour. For instance, a company that outsources your work may charge you for five hours even if it only took three!

Fortunately, there is only one solution to handle this problem.

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