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Industry: Professional Services
Location: New York, USA
Size: 10 Employees

Initially, DCS was rooted in the hardware and licensing domain. The firm excelled in these areas but missed the pivotal element of selling or supporting Microsoft solutions, which hampered their growth potential.

Challenges Overview

• Narrow Focus: DCS's primary focus was on license selling, which yielded limited profit margins.
• Knowledge Gap: They didn't possess the expertise to leverage the full spectrum of Microsoft solutions for their clients.
• Resource Deficiency: A stark absence of technical resources, especially in pre-sales, meant they couldn't pitch the right Microsoft solutions effectively.
• Implementation Hurdles: Without a dedicated team, DCS had to approach various vendors for implementation, leading to increased costs and diminished profits.


• Dedicated Pre-sales: Two seasoned pre-sales experts were aligned to specifically cater to Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions, ensuring that clients received tailored advice.
• Deployment & Implementation: Three dedicated consultants, backed by five L2 engineers, were provided to support the existing clientele and handle migrations seamlessly.
• Support Structure: 24/7 support ensures that DCS's clients face no downtime or unresolved issues.
• Project Management: A dedicated project manager was instated to oversee all deployments, ensuring timely and efficient project completions.
• Empowerment Initiatives: DCS's internal team was equipped with Microsoft Certifications, enhancing their credibility and knowledge.
• Customer Engagement: Regular webinars were conducted to inform and educate DCS's clients about the latest in Microsoft Technology.
• Documentation Excellence: A suite of comprehensive technical documents was provided, including solution outlines, project reports, timely logs, and transparent utilization hours of consultants.


• Customer Modernization: 40% of DCS's existing clientele (20 out of 50) transitioned to the latest technology solutions, reaping the benefits of modernization.
• Consistent Support: Currently, 20 clients are being offered unwavering technical support for all their needs.
• Profit Margins: The focus on Microsoft solutions and reduced outsourcing costs meant DCS's profit margins saw a notable uptick.

Future Prospects

Focus on Expansion: With the technical front handled, DCS can now channel its energies towards business expansion and diversification. Operational Efficiency: No hiring hassles, zero retention costs, and no capital expenditure on tech resources have streamlined operations.
Added Support: The addition of a technical support manager ensures that any tech-related concerns are promptly addressed. Strategic Outsourcing: By offloading the challenges of tech team management, DCS has positioned itself for robust growth in the Microsoft Technology domain.

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