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Rarity Solutions LLC

Industry: IT Services
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Size: Small to mid-sized

Rarity Solutions LLC stands out as a premier provider of VoIP phone systems and managed IT services, catering to various businesses needing sophisticated and reliable technological solutions.

Challenges Overview

• Initial Situation: With 32 diverse customers, each with varying employee counts, Rarity Solutions faced the monumental task of providing 24/7 support. Their support system, devoid of L2 and L3 level engineers, was far from robust.
• Pain Points:
◦ Overwhelmingly stagnant growth due to excessive time invested in IT support tickets.
◦ Absence of focus on business expansion and diversification.
◦ Revenue stagnation paired with dwindling customer satisfaction.
◦ Inability to ensure that customers were modernized or optimally utilizing Microsoft solutions.


• Proposed Solution: A strategic suggestion was to introduce dedicated L2 and L3 engineers specializing in Azure, M365, and Cyber Security. We also proposed an assessment of the existing customer base to gauge the optimal utilization of Microsoft solutions.
• Implementation Process: A thorough analysis revealed that many customers operated with outdated Microsoft service versions. Notably, their Microsoft secure scores were alarmingly low, indicating several security and network vulnerabilities. Our recommendation was to pitch new, state-of-the-art Microsoft technology solutions to them, adhering to best practices.
• Key Features of the Solution:
1. Comprehensive assessments for existing customers.
2. Suggested best practices tailored to individual customer needs.
3. Seamless implementation of these recommendations by our adept technical team


• Quantifiable Benefits:
◦ Post-assessment, over 60% of customers recognized their suboptimal operations and subsequently increased their business engagements with Rarity Solutions.
◦ By leveraging a remote team, Rarity Solutions could employ more engineers, allowing them to offer a broader range of Microsoft services. Our project-based engineers facilitated this expansion.
◦ A 30% reduction in IT support tickets due to enhanced support structures.
◦ A 25% revenue increase attributed to up-selling and cross-selling optimized Microsoft solutions.
• Qualitative Benefits:
◦ Elevated customer satisfaction due to the modernization and optimization of their IT infrastructures.
◦ Strengthened reputation as a forward-thinking, customer-centric IT service provider.

Future Prospects

With a reinforced support structure and a more comprehensive service portfolio, Rarity Solutions is poised for sustained growth. Their ability to ensure that customers are at the forefront of technological advancements guarantees customer loyalty and positions Rarity Solutions as an industry leader in IT services.

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