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Industry: All Verticals
Location: Middle East
Size: 1,500 employees

Redington is a renowned product distributor in the Middle East, specializing in the distribution of software licenses from industry giants like Microsoft and AWS. With a vast network, they cater to a wide range of sectors, ensuring that businesses have the software tools they need to thrive.

Challenges Overview

• Initial Situation: Redington's core strength was in distribution. However, they lacked a dedicated service arm for technology, including tech support, presales, assessments, and deployment.
• Pain Points:
◦ Limited technological expertise despite strong sales capabilities.
◦ Received numerous inquiries for deployment, assessment, and requirement gathering but couldn't capitalize due to the technical knowledge gap.
◦ Missed opportunities for deal closures because of the absence of tech support and presales expertise.
• Impact on Business: The inability to provide comprehensive tech services resulted in potential revenue losses and decreased customer satisfaction.


• Proposed Solution: Partnership with Alif to provide 24/7 support. Alif's team comprised of L1, L2, and L3 engineers specializing in Azure, M365, and cybersecurity. This team, totaling 15 engineers, would operate as a white-labeled unit for Redington. Additionally, four dedicated presales individuals were appointed to promote deal closures, accompanied by a dedicated project manager. Alif also provided a plethora of technical documentation, including SOWs, RFPs, WBS, solution documents, and more. On-demand services like migrations, implementations, and assessments were also made available.
• Implementation Process: While Alif offers 24/7 support for all 6,000 partners of Redington, they currently cater to 200 of these partners for specific project services.
• Key Features of the Solution:
1. Round-the-clock support
2. Comprehensive technical documentation
3. Dedicated presales team
4. Assigned project manager
5. Technical lead for specific needs
6. Monthly synchronization meetings
7. Detailed reports on ticketing and projects


• Quantifiable Benefits:
◦ A surge in customer satisfaction by 40%
◦ A substantial decrease in annual operational costs by 35%
• Qualitative Benefits:
◦ Enhanced brand reputation due to comprehensive service offerings.
◦ Ability to leverage Alif's technical expertise, allowing Redington to focus on their core strength: sales.
◦ More seamless and coordinated operations with monthly sync-ups and clear documentation.

Future Prospects

With Alif handling the technological aspects, Redington can now channel its energies exclusively into sales, ensuring sustained growth and profitability in their domain of excellence.

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