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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/Navision Consultant



Years of Exp.

Technical Skills

1. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
2. Dynamics 365 Business Central
3. SQL Server Database Management and Optimization
4. C/AL and AL Programming Languages for Dynamics NAV
5. Power Platform Integration and Customization
6. Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence using Power BI

7. Dynamics NAV
8. Workflow and Process Automation within Dynamics 365
9. Data Migration and Data Cleansing Strategies
10. Dynamics 365 Business Central
11. Navision Security and Access Control

Professional Summary



    1. Led end-to-end implementation projects for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/Navision, including requirement gathering, configuration, testing, and go-live phases.
    2. Conducted comprehensive assessments of clients' business processes to identify opportunities for optimization and automation using Dynamics 365.
    3. Customized Dynamics 365 Business Central/Navision to align with clients' specific industry needs, configuring modules such as finance, sales, inventory, and manufacturing.
    4. Collaborated with development teams to create and modify C/AL and AL code for tailored solutions within Dynamics NAV/Business Central.
    5. Designed and executed data migration strategies, ensuring the accurate transfer of data from legacy systems to Dynamics 365.
    6. Implemented integration solutions to connect Dynamics 365 with external systems, improving data consistency and efficiency.
    7. Developed and maintained custom reports and dashboards using Power BI and other reporting tools for data-driven insights.
    8. Conducted user training sessions to empower clients' teams to effectively use Dynamics 365 for improved productivity.
    9. Provided ongoing support and troubleshooting assistance, addressing technical issues and system enhancements.
    10. Led Dynamics 365 Business Central/Navision upgrade projects, ensuring seamless transitions to newer versions.
    11. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define and document business processes and requirements.
    12. Managed security and access controls within Dynamics 365 to maintain data integrity and compliance.
    13. Designed and implemented workflow automation solutions within Dynamics 365 to streamline approval processes.
    14. Advised clients on best practices for financial management, inventory control, and supply chain optimization using Dynamics 365.
    15. Conducted regular system audits and performance optimizations to ensure optimal Dynamics 365 system health.
    16. Created and maintained documentation, including user guides, technical specifications, and system architecture diagrams.
    17. Assisted clients in achieving regulatory compliance within Dynamics 365, such as GDPR or industry-specific standards.
    18. Collaborated with third-party vendors and software providers to extend Dynamics 365 capabilities through integrations and add-ons.
    19. Evaluated and recommended system enhancements, upgrades, and additional modules based on clients' evolving needs.
    20. Stayed current with Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates and industry trends, providing clients with insights on potential improvements and innovations.


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financial Module Enhancement

1. Collaborated with stakeholders to gather and document business requirements, including financial, inventory, and procurement processes.
2. Designed a tailored Microsoft Dynamics Business Central solution, mapping business processes to ERP functionalities.
3. Developed a data migration strategy, including data cleansing, transformation, and validation, ensuring accurate data transition.
4. Customized Business Central to meet specific business needs, including creating custom fields, forms, and reports.
5. Conducted end-user training sessions and provided documentation to ensure a smooth transition to the new ERP system.
6. Oversaw system testing, including unit, integration, and user acceptance testing, resolving issues and ensuring system stability.
7. Developed a go-live plan, including cutover strategies, data migration execution, and contingency plans to minimize downtime.
8. Provided post-implementation support, addressing user questions and issues and fine-tuning the system for optimal performance.
9. Integrated Business Central with other critical systems, such as CRM and e-commerce platforms, streamlining data flow.
10.Implemented monitoring tools and performance dashboards to proactively address performance bottlenecks and ensure system efficiency.

1. Evaluated the existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV financial module to identify areas for improvement and optimization.
2. Collaborated with finance teams to redefine and restructure the chart of accounts for better financial reporting and analysis.
3. Integrated budgeting and forecasting capabilities into NAV, enabling more accurate financial planning.
4. Customized financial reports to align with specific reporting requirements and compliance standards.
5. Implemented automated bank reconciliation processes, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.
6. Ensured VAT and tax compliance by configuring NAV to meet regional tax regulations and reporting requirements.
7. Enhanced multi-currency support, enabling transactions and reporting in multiple currencies.
8. Implemented auditing and compliance measures to meet regulatory standards and internal control requirements.
9. Conducted training for finance teams, enabling them to effectively utilize the enhanced financial module.
10. Established a continuous improvement process, regularly reviewing financial processes and adjusting based on feedback and changing business needs

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Supply Chain Optimization

1. Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client's supply chain processes and identified bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
2. Customized Business Central to optimize inventory management, including demand forecasting, reorder points, and safety stock.
3. Developed a supplier collaboration portal within Business Central, enabling real-time communication and inventory visibility.
4. Streamlined warehouse operations by implementing barcode scanning, bin management, and efficient picking strategies.
5. Automated order processing, from order creation to shipment, reducing manual intervention and order errors.
6. Integrated transportation management capabilities, allowing for route optimization and cost reduction.
7. Implemented key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards to provide real-time visibility into supply chain performance.
8. Created vendor scorecards to evaluate and manage supplier performance, fostering better supplier relationships.
9. Conducted training for supply chain teams and facilitated change management to ensure the successful adoption of new processes.
10. Established ongoing monitoring and analysis of supply chain performance, making continuous improvements based on data-driven insights.



MCA – Allana Institute Of Management Sciences.


Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Associate
Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer Associate
Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Expert

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