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Power Automate Developer



Years of Exp.

Technical Skills

1. Power Automate Workflow Design
2. Integration with Microsoft 365 Apps (e.g., SharePoint, Teams, Outlook)
3. Advanced Flow Development
4. Custom Connector Development

5. Power Automate Flow Management and Optimization
6. Conditional Logic and Expressions
7. Error Handling and Exception Handling
8. Integration with External APIs and Services

Professional Summary



    1. Led and managed complex end-to-end automation projects using Power Automate, ensuring successful implementation and client satisfaction.
    2. Collaborated with stakeholders to gather, analyze, and document business process requirements, identifying opportunities for automation.
    3. Designed and developed advanced Power Automate workflows, incorporating conditional logic and expressions to handle complex business scenarios.
    4. Integrated Power Automate with Microsoft 365 applications, such as SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, and Dynamics 365, to streamline and automate processes.
    5. Created custom connectors and extended Power Automate capabilities by developing custom connectors to integrate with external APIs and services.
    6. Implemented error and exception handling mechanisms within Power Automate workflows to ensure robust, fault-tolerant automation.
    7. Conducted data transformations and manipulations using Power Query and other data manipulation techniques within Power Automate.
    8. Managed and monitored the execution of Power Automate flows, troubleshooting issues and optimizing performance as needed.
    9. Automated document generation, approval workflows, and notifications enhance efficiency and productivity.
    10. Collaborated with IT teams to integrate Power Automate workflows with on-premises systems, databases, and legacy applications.
    11. Developed solutions to manage data migrations, data imports, and data exports across various systems and platforms.
    12. Created custom connectors and used REST APIs to integrate Power Automate with external applications, ensuring seamless data exchange.
    13. Managed and maintained a library of reusable Power Automate templates and solutions for consistent automation across the organization.
    14. Collaborated with business analysts and end-users to ensure that automated processes met their requirements and expectations.
    15. Conducted end-user training sessions and provided ongoing support to empower users in leveraging Power Automate for process automation.
    16. Implemented advanced approval workflows, escalation procedures, and notifications to ensure timely actions and compliance with business rules.
    17. Stay updated with the latest features and capabilities of Power Automate, exploring innovative ways to enhance automation.
    18. Worked closely with security and compliance teams to ensure automated processes met data privacy and regulatory requirements.
    19. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to define and implement automation best practices and governance models.
    20. Assisted in evaluating and selecting automation tools and technologies, providing insights into their suitability for specific business needs.


Procurement Automation Workflow

Employee Onboarding Automation

1. Collaborated with the procurement team to understand their manual processes and pain points.
2. Designed a comprehensive procurement workflow using Power Automate to automate purchase requisitions, approvals, and purchase order generation.
3. Integrated the workflow with the organization's ERP system to ensure real-time data synchronization.
4. Implemented dynamic approval routing based on procurement amount and department, reducing approval bottlenecks.
5. Set up automated notifications and reminders for requisitioners and approvers to ensure timely action.
6. Implemented data validation checks to prevent erroneous data entry and maintain data accuracy.
7. Enabled procurement staff to access and approve requests via mobile devices for greater flexibility.
8. Implemented an audit trail to track changes and maintain a record of procurement actions for compliance.
9. Tuned the workflow for optimal performance to handle a large volume of procurement requests.
10. Conducted training sessions for procurement staff to use the automated workflow effectively.

1. Designed an end-to-end employee onboarding workflow using Power Automate to streamline the hiring process.
2. Integrated the workflow with the HRIS system to automate user account creation, equipment provisioning, and document management.
3. Automated task assignments to various departments (IT, HR, Facilities) based on the employee's role and department.
4. Developed document generation processes to create offer letters, contracts, and orientation materials.
5. Integrated electronic signature capabilities to expedite document approval and signing.
6. Created a self-service portal using Power Apps for new hires to complete required forms and view onboarding progress.
7. Implemented role-based access controls to ensure data privacy and compliance with HR regulations.
8. Optimized the workflow for efficiency, reducing onboarding cycle times.
9. Implemented reporting to track onboarding metrics and identify areas for improvement.
10. Provided user support and training to HR staff and new hires for onboarding processes.

Expense Approval and Reimbursement

1. Designed a Power Automate workflow to enable employees to submit expense reports electronically.
2. Implemented automated expense validation checks to ensure compliance with company policies.
3. Automated manager approval workflows with escalation paths for timely approvals.
4. Integrated the workflow with the finance system to automate reimbursement processing.
5. Developed a dashboard in Power BI for employees to track the status of their expense reimbursements.
6. Enabled employees to capture and upload receipts using mobile devices for easy expense verification.
7. Ensured expense policies were enforced by implementing business rules and notifications.
8. Maintained detailed logs for auditing purposes and to comply with financial regulations.
9. Tuned the workflow for performance and responsiveness.
10. Conducted training sessions for employees and managers on using the expense approval and reimbursement system



MCS – SIES College of Management Studies


Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate

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