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Microsoft Enablement

Looking to enhance your Microsoft skills? Our enablement program offers a range of resources to help you succeed. From MCI training to technical workshops and certifications, we've got you covered. Learn to sell Microsoft products and services with confidence and take your career to the next level.

Feeling stuck with your Microsoft partnership?
Not seeing the growth and profits you expected?

Learn how Alif can turn your challenges into success, maximizing the benefits of your partnership. Let’s enhance your business together.
Maximum ROI
Technical Competency
Maximum Conversion

MCI Funding

We simplify the MCI funding maze into clear, actionable steps. Here’s how we guide you through each phase:


Oppotunity Identification

We start by helping you identify potential funding opportunities that align with your business goals and project needs.

Application Guidance

Our experts provide hands-on support throughout the application process, ensuring you understand every requirement and optimize your submissions.


Strategic Utilization 

Once funding is secured, we assist you in strategically utilizing the resources to maximize impact, ensuring every dollar contributes to your success.

With Alif, you're not just navigating the funding process; you're mastering it to gain every possible advantage.

“Alif made securing MCI funding easy. Their expertise helped us get the funds to boost our marketing and expand our services, significantly increasing our revenue.” - Mark Davis, COO of CloudTech Innovations


We streamline the journey toward Microsoft certifications, tailored to enhance your partner capability score.

Intermediate Certifications

Assess current skills and pinpoint the right intermediate 

certifications for your team. Provide customized training plans to help your team master the necessary skills.

Advanced Certifications

Guide your team through advanced certifications with expert-led sessions. Offer practical exercises and real-world scenarios to ensure mastery of advanced topics.

Ongoing Support

Keep skills up-to-date with ongoing training and resources. Provide access to study guides, practice tests, and peer discussions.


With Alif, achieving the certifications that elevate your partner capability score is simplified and effective.

Ignoring skilling metrics can cost partners up to 40% of their Partner Capability Score, impacting their access to key incentives and support.

Technical Workshops

We simplify the process of mastering technical skills with our structured workshops, tailored to elevate your Microsoft partnership.


Foundational Workshops

Kickstart your Microsoft journey with our foundational workshops. Learn core skills such as the basics of Microsoft Azure services, including virtual machines, storage, and networking. Get hands-on with Microsoft 365 fundamentals, covering productivity tools and collaboration features essential for your business.


Advanced Certifications

Take your expertise to the next level with our advanced workshops. Dive deep into complex Azure architectures, advanced networking, and hybrid cloud solutions. Enhance your security strategies with advanced Microsoft 365 security features, ensuring your systems are robust and secure.

With Alif’s technical workshops, mastering Microsoft technologies becomes a streamlined, effective, and engaging experience.

Ignoring skilling metrics can cost partners up to 40% of their Partner Capability Score, impacting their access to key incentives and support.

How to Sell?

We simplify the process of mastering sales skills with our structured "How to Sell" initiaive

Foundational Sales Training

Learn to conduct effective discovery sessions tailored to Microsoft solutions, asking the right questions to uncover customer pain points. This foundation helps you tailor Microsoft solutions to meet specific customer demands, ensuring a strong start in your sales journey.

Advanced Sales Training

Elevate your sales game with advanced techniques that go beyond the basics. Focus on building and presenting integrated Microsoft solutions, mastering negotiation tactics, and closing deals effectively.

Decks and GTM Material

Enhance your go-to-market strategy with tailored sales decks and materials designed specifically for Microsoft solutions. This helps you communicate value propositions clearly, address customer objections, and effectively position Microsoft products in the marketplace.


With Alif’s "How to Sell" series, you will transform your sales approach, effectively communicate the value of Microsoft solutions.

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