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Navigate the Journey to Achieve your 
Microsoft Solution Partner Designation

Microsoft solution partner

Overcome Barriers:Simple Steps to Earn Your Microsoft Solution Partner Badge

Congratulations! You've taken the first step to turn your pain points into profits. Watch your inbox for details and solutions to transform your cloud consulting business.

We are excited to announce this Webinar for Microsoft Partners:
Navigate the Journey to Achieve your Microsoft Solution Partner Designation

Facing challenges in achieving Microsoft Solution Partner status?

Learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities for your organization.

Webinar Agendas:

Opening Remarks: Benefits included with all Solutions Partner designations

Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR)

Digital Partner of Record (DPOR)

Partner Admin Link (PAL)

 Q&A and Roadmap to Success

Why Attend  Section ?


Gain valuable knowledge from industry experts who have enabled multiple partners navigate the Microsoft Solution Partner program.

Learn actionable strategies and best practices to overcome common hurdles in achieving Solution Partner status.



Receive specific advice and tips tailored to the unique challenges faced by your organization in the pursuit of this prestigious designation.

Uncover solutions specifically tailored to address the unique challenges your organization faces in this journey.


Speaker Section

Meet our Transformational Guides. Our experts will share battle-tested insights to help you succeed.

Farhan Q. CTO/Co-Founder  Alif: The Microsoft Service Distributor

Farhan Q.

Alif: The Microsoft Service Distributor

Shadean Vermeulen

Shadean Vermeulen

Microsoft Program Manager


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