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Modern Architecture

Azure Infrastructure & Virtual Desktop Engineer


MBA-IT from IMCD, Pune

Amar is an Azure Infrastructure & Virtual Desktop Engineer with expertise in cloud migration and VDI solutions. His successful migration of a large organization to Azure Virtual Desktop has improved remote work capabilities and security. Amar is available hourly, monthly, or quarterly to enhance your virtual desktop infrastructure.

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1. Designing and deploying Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) based on workload requirements.
2. Configuring and managing Azure Virtual Networks to establish secure and efficient network communication.
3. Implementing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage user identities, authentication, and access.
4. Setting up and managing Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environments for virtualized desktop infrastructure.
5. Configuring and optimizing Azure Site Recovery for disaster recovery and business continuity.
6. Creating and maintaining Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates for automated infrastructure deployment.
7. Developing PowerShell scripts to automate routine tasks, configuration changes, and deployments.
8. Defining and implementing Network Security Groups (NSGs) to control inbound and outbound traffic.
9. Monitoring Azure resources using Azure Monitor and Log Analytics to ensure performance and availability.
10. Ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements through Azure Policy and Governance.
11. Collaborating with application teams to ensure proper integration of services and applications.
12. Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues related to Azure infrastructure and virtual desktop environments.
13. Implementing backup and recovery strategies for Azure resources, VMs, and virtual desktops.
14. Performing capacity planning and scaling Azure resources to accommodate changing workloads.
15. Staying updated with the latest Azure technologies, trends, and best practices through continuous learning.

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