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Azure IoT Developer


BCom, Abeda Inamdar Senior College

Kabir is an Azure IoT Developer with a track record of creating transformative IoT solutions. His development of an Azure IoT Hub for a manufacturing client led to significant operational efficiency. Kabir is available hourly, monthly, or quarterly to bring innovative IoT solutions to your organization.

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1. Designed end-to-end IoT solutions using Azure services for clients, ensuring seamless integration and scalability.
2. Developed IoT device applications using programming languages such as C, C++, Python, and Node.js.
3. Implemented secure device-to-cloud communication using MQTT, AMQP, HTTP, and CoAP protocols.
4. Integrated IoT devices with Azure IoT Hub for remote device management, provisioning, and monitoring.
5. Configured message routing and processing pipelines to handle real-time data streams from IoT devices.
6. Created and Implemented Azure IoT Edge modules to enable edge computing capabilities in distributed environments.
7. Implemented security measures like device authentication, data encryption, and secure communication protocols.
8. Collaborated with data engineers to process and analyse IoT-generated data using Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Functions.
9. Utilized Azure Machine Learning to develop and deploy predictive models for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.
10. Ensured compliance with IoT security standards and best practices, addressing potential vulnerabilities in IoT deployments.
11. Automated device provisioning and lifecycle management using Azure IoT Device Provisioning Service.
12. Worked closely with solution architects to design and develop custom IoT solutions tailored to client requirements.
13. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise systems and databases.
14. Conducted thorough debugging and troubleshooting of IoT deployments, resolving connectivity and data flow issues.
15. Implemented containerized solutions using Docker to package and deploy applications across IoT devices.
16. Provided technical guidance and training to junior developers and team members on Azure IoT development practices.
17. Stay updated with the latest developments in Azure IoT technologies and recommend innovative solutions to clients.
18. Participated in code reviews to maintain high-quality standards and ensure optimal performance of IoT applications.
19. Designed and maintained documentation, including architecture diagrams, code documentation, and deployment guides.
20. Collaborated with project managers to ensure timely delivery of IoT projects, meeting client expectations and milestones.

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