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Modern Architecture

Azure Solutions Architect


Engineering Graduation in Electrical Engineer - Anjuman College of Engineering & Technology

Khalid, an Azure Solutions Architect, excels in designing and securing cloud environments. His architecture of a secure Azure infrastructure has significantly enhanced client capabilities. Khalid is available hourly, monthly, or quarterly to elevate your cloud strategy and security.

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1. Collaborating with clients to understand their business needs and technical requirements.
2. Translating business requirements into comprehensive and scalable cloud architecture designs.
3. Defining architectural strategies and providing technical direction to project teams.
4. Ensuring solutions align with industry standards, best practices, and compliance regulations.
5. Evaluating the feasibility of proposed solutions and making recommendations based on cost and benefits.
6. Creating detailed architectural diagrams, documentation, and technical specifications.
7. Leading discussions with stakeholders, addressing concerns, and refining architecture plans.
8. Participating in pre-sales activities, including proposal development and technical presentations.
9. Overseeing the implementation of cloud solutions to ensure alignment with the architecture.
10. Troubleshooting complex technical issues and guiding to resolve them.
11. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, including developers, engineers, and project managers.
12. Identifying risks, mitigation strategies, and contingency plans for architecture implementations.
13. Staying updated on Azure's latest features, services, and industry trends.
14. Conducting performance assessments, optimizations, and capacity planning for solutions.
15. Designing resilient and highly available architectures for critical applications.
16. data storage, backup, and disaster recovery strategies.
17. Advising on cost management strategies, resource optimization, and right-sizing.
18. Guiding the adoption of DevOps practices and continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD).
19. Mentoring and coaching junior architects and team members.
20. Leading architecture reviews, presenting recommendations, and obtaining buy-in from stakeholders.

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