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Modern Architecture

Azure DevOps Engineer


M.Sc. in Computer Technology from Burdwan

Nikhil, an Azure DevOps Engineer, excels in automating deployment processes and improving operational efficiency. His automation solutions have notably reduced client time-to-market. Nikhil is available hourly, monthly, or quarterly to enhance your DevOps practices.

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1. Designed and managed complex CI/CD pipelines for diverse application stacks.
2. Implemented Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using tools like Terraform for automated environment provisioning.
3. Orchestrated containerized applications using Kubernetes for scalable and resilient deployments.
4. Led the adoption of DevOps practices across cross-functional teams for faster delivery and collaboration.
5. Developed custom scripts and automation workflows for streamlined deployment and configuration management.
6. Implemented advanced Git branching strategies and code review processes to enforce quality standards.
7. Ensured secure application deployments by integrating security scans and vulnerability assessments.
8. Integrated monitoring and alerting solutions like Azure Monitor and Application Insights into pipelines.
9. Optimized build and deployment processes for enhanced performance and reduced time-to-market.
10. Collaborated with development and QA teams to address technical challenges and improve workflows.
11. Provided technical mentorship and guidance to junior DevOps engineers for skill development.
12. Implemented a blue-green and canary deployment strategies to minimize downtime and risk.
13. Designed disaster recovery strategies and tested backup and restore procedures for critical systems.
14. Conducted thorough performance testing and optimization of application and infrastructure components.
15. Led incident response and resolution efforts for production incidents, ensuring minimal service disruption.
16. Collaborated with cloud architects to align DevOps practices with cloud-native architecture principles.
17. Developed and maintained documentation for pipelines, processes, and configuration management.
18. Implemented compliance measures and versioning controls to ensure auditability and traceability.
19. Evaluated and integrated third-party tools to enhance the DevOps toolchain and capabilities.
20. Actively contributed to process improvements through continuous feedback and retrospective sessions.

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