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Modern Architecture

M365 SharePoint Consultant


MSC - Christ University Bangalore

Rohit is an expert M365 SharePoint Consultant renowned for his ability to architect and customize SharePoint Online solutions. He led a successful intranet redesign project that notably improved user experience and employee engagement. Rohit’s proficiency includes advanced workflows, seamless integrations, and robust data migrations, making him an invaluable resource for optimizing SharePoint environments. Available on an hourly, monthly, or quarterly basis, Rohit is equipped to enhance your SharePoint implementation and drive business success.

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1. Spearheaded designing and implementing complex SharePoint Online architectures tailored to client's unique requirements.
2. Orchestrated the SharePoint Online site collections configuration, optimizing them for efficient data storage and retrieval.
3. Showcased expertise in developing custom SharePoint Online solutions, including web parts, apps, and extensions.
4. Pioneered advanced SharePoint Framework (SPFx) development, delivering cutting-edge user experiences.
5. Seamlessly integrated InfoPath Forms and Power Apps to customize SharePoint Online environments and streamline data collection.
6. Designed and automated intricate SharePoint workflows, enhancing business processes and reducing manual intervention.
7. Led successful SharePoint migration projects, employing proven strategies to ensure data integrity and minimal downtime.
8. Demonstrated PowerShell prowess for SharePoint administration, automating tasks and boosting administrative efficiency.
9. Expertly managed SharePoint Online security, implementing robust permissions structures and access controls.
10. Crafted advanced content search and query designs, enabling users to find information swiftly.
11. Developed and enforced SharePoint Online governance policies and compliance standards, ensuring data security and regulatory adherence.
12. Masterminded SharePoint Online environments' monitoring and performance optimization, maintaining peak efficiency.
13. Guided cross-functional teams to ensure collaborative and successful SharePoint projects.
14. Served as a subject matter expert, offering guidance and mentorship to junior SharePoint professionals.
15. Conducted comprehensive SharePoint training sessions for end-users, empowering them to leverage the platform effectively.
16. Innovated and implemented SharePoint best practices, continually improving solution quality.
17. Played a pivotal role in change management and user adoption initiatives, ensuring seamless transitions.
18. Collaborated with client's to identify opportunities for enhancing SharePoint capabilities and aligning them with business goals.
19. Stayed at the forefront of SharePoint and Microsoft 365 updates, providing strategic recommendations to client's.
20. Actively contributed to knowledge sharing within the SharePoint community and fostered a culture of continuous learning.

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