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Office 365 Consultant



Years of Exp.

Technical Skills

1. Advanced Microsoft 365 Tenant Administration
2. Expert User and Group Management in Microsoft 365
3. Advanced Exchange Online Configuration and Troubleshooting
4. SharePoint Online Architecture and Customization
5. Advanced OneDrive for Business Management and Optimization
6. Advanced Microsoft Teams Deployment and Integration

7. Azure Active Directory Identity and Access Management
8. Advanced Security and Compliance Center Expertise
9. Advanced PowerShell Scripting for Microsoft 365 Automation
10. Microsoft 365 Advanced Data Backup and Restore Strategies
11. Expert-level Microsoft 365 Support and Troubleshooting

Professional Summary



    1. Advised clients on Office 365 adoption strategies aligned with their business goals.
    2. Conducted thorough assessments of clients' existing IT environments to determine readiness for Office 365 migration.
    3. Designed customized Office 365 solutions based on client needs, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Teams.
    4. Implemented Office 365 migrations, including mailbox migrations and data transfer to SharePoint Online.
    5. Guided on licensing models and subscription plans for optimal cost-effectiveness.
    6. Led user training sessions to ensure smooth adoption of Office 365 applications and features.
    7. Configured Office 365 security settings and compliance measures, including data loss prevention and encryption.
    8. Integrated Azure Active Directory and Single Sign-On solutions for streamlined user authentication.
    9. Designed SharePoint Online structures, including information architecture and document libraries.
    10. Created and customized SharePoint Online sites and pages to meet clients' collaboration needs.
    11. Developed governance policies and best practices to maintain data integrity and security.
    12. Assisted in troubleshooting technical issues related to Office 365 applications and services.
    13. Provided ongoing client support, addressing user inquiries and technical challenges.
    14. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to integrate Office 365 with existing systems and processes.
    15. Conducted migration projects from on-premises systems to Office 365, ensuring minimal disruption.
    16. Advised clients on Microsoft Teams implementation, including chat, channels, and integration with other apps.
    17. Enabled advanced features in Office 365, such as Power Automate (Flow) and PowerApps.
    18. Evaluated third-party tools and add-ins to enhance Office 365 clients functionality.
    19. Stayed updated with Microsoft's Office 365 roadmap and updates, providing insights to clients.
    20. Supported clients to comply with industry regulations through Office 365 features.


Enterprise Email Migration to Exchange Online

Microsoft 365 Tenant Consolidation

1. Conducted a thorough assessment of the client's email infrastructure, identifying migration prerequisites and potential challenges.
2. Developed a migration strategy for moving mailboxes from an on-premises Exchange environment to Exchange Online, ensuring minimal disruption.
3. Configured hybrid Exchange deployment for seamless coexistence between on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online during migration.
4. Oversaw the migration of user mailboxes, public folders, and distribution groups using native Exchange Online migration tools.
5. Implemented Azure AD Connect for directory synchronization, ensuring synchronized user identities between on-premises AD and Azure AD.
6. Developed a communication plan to inform users about the migration process, schedule, and any necessary actions on their part.
7. Conducted post-migration validation to ensure data integrity, mailbox accessibility, and proper functioning of email-related features.
8. Assisted users in configuring Outlook profiles for Exchange Online, providing a smooth transition to the new environment.
9. Provided training resources and support to help users navigate the new email environment and utilise modern collaboration features.
10.Collaborated with the client to optimize Exchange Online settings, implement security measures, and streamline mail flow.

1. Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client's multiple Microsoft 365 tenants to identify redundancies and opportunities for consolidation.
2. Collaborated with stakeholders to define a rationalization strategy, outlining the criteria for consolidating tenants and the desired end state.
3. Developed a data migration plan, prioritizing data to be migrated, ensuring data integrity, and minimizing downtime.
4. Orchestrated the migration of emails, documents, and collaboration data from multiple tenants into the target consolidated tenant.
5. Implemented identity mapping strategies to ensure smooth user access and minimal disruption during the migration process.
6. Managed domain configurations, DNS updates, and email routing to ensure seamless communication during and after the migration.
7. Assisted in configuring security settings, data loss prevention (DLP) policies, and compliance measures in the consolidated tenant.
8. Developed a change management plan to communicate the consolidation effort, manage expectations, and address user concerns.
9. Conducted training sessions to familiarize users with the consolidated environment and encourage the adoption of new collaboration tools.
10. Provided post-migration support and guidance, ensuring the effective operation of the consolidated Microsoft 365 environment.

OneDrive for Business Implementation and Adoption

1. Collaborated with the client to define the scope of the OneDrive for Business implementation and its alignment with business goals.
2. Developed a phased deployment strategy, targeting specific user groups and departments to ensure a controlled rollout.
3. Assisted in creating a user onboarding process, providing clear instructions for setting up and accessing OneDrive for Business accounts.
4. Orchestrated user data migration from local storage, network shares, and personal devices to OneDrive for Business accounts.
5. Implemented access controls, sharing policies, and permissions settings to ensure secure and controlled sharing of files and folders.
6. Collaborated with stakeholders to define data classification and labelling policies, enhancing data visibility and compliance.
7. Created user-friendly training materials and documentation to help users maximize OneDrive for Business features.
8. Configured mobile access to OneDrive for Business, enabling users to access and collaborate on files while on the go.
9. Implemented security measures such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), encryption, and monitoring to safeguard user data.
10.Developed an adoption campaign to promote the benefits of OneDrive for Business, encouraging users to transition from local storage to the cloud.



BCS – IT – Anjuman Islam, Mumbai University.


Microsoft 365 Certified: Fundamentals
Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate
Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate
Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

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