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Case Study

Power Bi for Manufacturer Company of Household
Client Background

The client is a main manufacturer of household products in the global region with more than 5,000 employees.

It manufactures many products, it is established market with products spread like known for its Arm & Hammer line which includes baking soda and a variety of products made with it, including laundry detergent.

We combine our industry insight, technical know-how and decades of distribution experience to deliver value and accelerate our vendors’ and partners’ business success.


The client was looking to improve their reporting process which was reliant on a high degree of manual work to extract, clean, and analyze data.

The client was faceing the following challenges before use of power Bi-

Lack of a customized platform and high need to modernizing infrastructure.

A multitude of information was streaming in every day from various regions making it difficult for the client to maintain a central repository in their traditional IT infrastructure system.

Sorting data through various tools like SQL and SAP, data sets, and spreadsheets was slowing down the growth and the success of the organization.

The generation of the gross sales report in these traditional systems was not possible as the data was unstructured.

Difficulty in describing the technical design of I GDW and addressing the detailed business drivers, context, and requirements for the gross sales.

Absence of a reliable Gross sales reporting for the total international division with a breakdown of export and domestic channel.


The main purpose of the project was to create an on-premises solution for the client’s sales reporting structure as well as the flexibility to move their entire data to the cloud for faster processing time.

The client wanted to generate rich iterative as well as precisely formatted reports, visually explore huge data and quickly discover patterns to make quicker decisions.

Solution Delivered

The client wanted an on-premises solution for their sales reporting structure as well as the flexibility to move their entire data to the cloud for faster processing time.

A modern enterprise needs a modern set of analytics – supporting big data and everything else and gain business insights and enhance business initiatives.

We provided our Power BI solution which is a cloud-based analytics service that gives a single and more comprehensive view of most of the business-critical data.

Our Azure SQL Server Database service is scaled up during the data processing to reduce processing time and then scaled down once complete to minimize costs.

In our solution, we integrated various data analytics features such as ETL (Extraction, Transformation &Loading), Data cleansing, Filtering, Deduplication

The platform will help the client in region-wise Data Searching & Data convergence.

Our solution can easily perform Unstructured, Structure Data Handling & Data Modelling

The platform is also capable of Driving futuristic insights & visualization with the help of Analytics.

To make the platform more robust and tech-savvy, we added modern technologies like NLP (Natural language programming), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

We created a cloud-based predictive analytics platform that identifies and predicts trends in real-time from big data streams, including social media analytics.

We leveraged a stellar platform with the use of full-stack technologies that allow customers to import, transform, and filter their data from the Hadoop data lake and create visuals on it.

With the help of that tools, customers can perform analysis on their data with various pre-created visuals, AI & ML algorithms.


Architecture Design-


Our intelligent Power BI solution and IT Modernization helped the client centralize its huge amount of data, connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify the data preparation, generate sales reports faster and easier as well as drive ad hoc analysis.

It helped the client interact with the sales team across various regions through shared interactive visuals while quickly tracking sales trends to optimize business strategies.

Moreover, determining the variance between actual revenue and sales targets by segment was simplified.

Also, the platform was user-friendly enabling the client to reach new heights as per their changing demands.

They could quickly generate BI gross sales reports based on consumer behaviors, product sales, and brand popularity.

We provided a simple yet intuitive and collaborative way to the client to solve their everyday business problems.

To help the client make most of their sales data we implemented an Azure-based cloud solution to abstract, store, visualize and analyze core business data.

With the Power BI model and reports, the client was able to generate time intelligent reports based on month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date, across the available actual and target data.

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