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Adoption score

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

We will learn about several aspects of the adoption score in this essay.

  • The Microsoft Adoption Score is what?

  • What is my Microsoft Adoption Score and how can I obtain it?

  • Does Microsoft monitor the productivity of certain employees?

  • What criteria does the Microsoft Adoption Score evaluate?

  • Category for adoption scores 

  • Method for enabling adoption scores

  • Conclusion

What is Microsoft Adoption Score?

Adoption Score is a set of measurements and tools designed for Microsoft 365 administrators and IT executives to enhance employee daily experiences and assist companies in getting the most out of their Microsoft 365 investment. Adoption scores offer the capacity to get knowledge about which applications are utilized most frequently and which are not, and they offer insights into your organization's progress toward digital transformation through its usage of Microsoft 365 and the supporting technological experiences. These insights assist companies of all sizes in getting the most out of their technological investments. Is it worthwhile to invest in this technology, for instance, if your teams don't frequently use certain applications or collaboration tools? To adjust workflows, outputs, and overall metrics, on the other hand, you could wish to alter training and procedures.

Adoption Score offers suggestions and "suggested actions" for using their goods effectively. It benchmarks the product consumption of your teams by contrasting your company with businesses of a like size.

Common software like SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Yammer, Skype, and more are included in this.

Adoption scores include measurements, insights, and recommendations for actions that should be taken to raise each metric's score and contribute to an overall rise in the adoption score.

How is the Microsoft Adoption Score accessible?

You'll want the assistance of the IT Administrator at your company to enable Microsoft Adoption Score. They may access the Microsoft 365 admin center using a "Global Administrator" role and go to "Reports" to enable Adoption Score. After then, it can take up to 24 hours until your initial insights are accessible. Only those with "admin" or "reader" responsibilities have access to these scores.

Does Microsoft track individual employee productivity?

The most recent version of Adoption Score only offers corporate level information; it does not offer individual employee level insights.

Don't anticipate receiving a summary of what each team member does every day; instead, you may observe how many team members utilize particular programmes and ways of communication (as well as ideas on harmonizing your workforce).

Two categories are used to categorize adoption scores:

  • Individual experiences

  • Technology encounters

Let's go through each category one at a time.

People experiences

In general, people experiences refer to how different M365 products are used by users and give information in five distinct ways: content collaboration, mobility, communication, meetings, and teamwork.

Experiences with technology

Experiences with technology give insight into areas where Microsoft 365 users may have a better experience.

Three categories—Endpoint analytics, Network connection, and Microsoft 365 Apps health—are used to evaluate these experiences. Without revealing user-level information, all insights and suggested actions are given.

The totals of eight categories within the "People" and "Technology" Experiences are added together to get the Microsoft Adoption Score. These consist of:

  • Interaction, such as chat, email, and online forums.

  • How to utilise best practises during meetings.

  • Content Collaboration - the manner in which your company produces and works together on content in the cloud.

  • Teamwork, which involves utilising collaborative spaces like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

  • Mobility: how team members access files from Microsoft 365 using a variety of devices.

  • Endpoint Analytics - performance and health problems with the hardware and software used by your company.

  • Network connectivity, including software setups and device startup.

  • Microsoft 365 Apps Health - information on enhancing your apps' productivity and security.

The maximum score for each category is 100 points. Your maximum Adoption Score is 800, thus this indicates. Additionally, a percentage number is displayed. You may get 28-day and 180-day summaries of important activity for each category.

How to enable Adoption Score

1. Login to the Microsoft 365 admin center as a Global Administrator and go to Reports > Adoption Score

Adoption Score

1. Select enable Adoption Score. It can take up to 24 hours for insights to become available.

2. Data score is populated after 24 hours both categories are visible to admin as below


The Microsoft Adoption Score's usefulness Microsoft Adoption Score is a really helpful tool. It should be recalled. However, not all of the indicators will be beneficial for your company. The "mobility" statistic, for instance, examines how many employees utilise various devices. If your business employs desk-based positions, this will be below industry averages. Do you care about this, though? Microsoft Adoption Score is worth its weight in gold because of its strong emphasis on the metrics you care about (and how change affects your working habits). It provides management entire control over how remote teams operate, allowing you to monitor the development of your company, spot any performance problems, and, when required, take appropriate action.

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