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Power Apps Portals – Create a Webpage

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Create a Webpage

A webpage is a document that is identified by a unique URL in a website.

It is one of the core objects of the website and builds a hierarchy of the website through parent and child relationships to other web pages. You can use Power Apps Portals Studio to create and customize your website.

It contains various options to add and configure webpages, components, forms, and lists.

Power appa portals

Create webpage

The purpose of this exercise is to create a webpage by using the Power Apps Portals Studio.

At the end of these exercises, you will be able to :

  • Open the Portals Studio to edit your portal.

  • Create a new webpage by using existing page templates.

  • Add content to your webpage Portals

For this exercise, you will need to have the following parameters set in your environment :

  • A provisioned Power Apps portal. If you do not have a Power Apps portal available, follow the Create Portal instructions to create one.

  • Access to the Power Apps maker portal.


Creating and editing a portal webpage is a simple process and allows you to quickly build a Power Apps portal application. In this exercise, you need to complete the following tasks :

  • Open your portal in Power Apps Portals Studio.

  • Create a new webpage.

  • Add a component with two sections.

  • Configure one section to display text.

  • Configure another section to display an existing portal image.

Launch portals Studio

To launch Portals Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the correct environment is selected in the environment selector in the upper-right corner.

  2. From the Apps list, locate your portal app (Type = Portal).

  3. Select the ellipsis (...) and then select Edit, which will launch the portals Studio.

Create a new webpage

To create a new webpage, follow these steps:

  1. From the command bar, select New Page.

  2. Move the mouse over Fixed layouts and then select Page with title.

  3. A new webpage will appear with the title New page.

  4. In the properties pane, enter a new name for the webpage, press the Tab key, and the webpage will autosave.

  5. In the properties pane, enter a name without spaces for the partial URL, press the Tab key, and the webpage will autosave.

Add static content

To add static content, follow these steps :

  1. On the canvas, select the text area that contains, "This website uses sample data..."

  2. On the tool belt, select Components (grid icon).

  3. In the Section layout area, select the Two Columns section, which will add a two-column section on the webpage canvas.

  4. On the canvas, select the left column section

  5. On the tool belt, select Components and then select Text from the Portal Components section.

  6. On the canvas, add some text to the component.

  7. On the canvas, select the right column section.

  8. On the tool belt, select Components and then select Image from the Portal Components section.

  9. On the properties pane, from the drop-down list, select AboutUs.png.

View the webpage

To view your new webpage, from the command bar, select Browse website.

You should now see your new webpage on the portal. A link to your webpage is also on the main menu

View the webpage

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