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SAP On Azure.

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

SAP-optimized cloud platform Azure has been SAP cSAP-certified mission-critical SAP applications. Azure has the most performant and scalable SAP cloud architecture in the business, with 192-gigabyte to 12-terabyte SAP HANA-certified virtual machines available in more locations than any other public cloud provider.

  1. New enhanced analytics insights Combine SAP and non-SAP data and use sophisticated data services like analytics and AI to get real-time and predictive insights for better business results. Use Microsoft Power BI to visualize data, and visualize soft Power Platform to create low-code applications and processes.

  2. Exceptional security and compliance Take advantage of Azure security services supported by 3,500 cybersecurity professionals and the industry's biggest compliance portfolio for cloud and on-premises workloads. Azure Security Center provides enhanced threat prevention, while Azure Active Directory manages identity.

  3. Experiment with Microsoft services. Use SAP applications and data in Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Teams and Office apps to increase collaboration and user experience. Build new capabilities for your SAP apps and data using services like GitHub and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

  4. Business experience and credibility According to a 2020 IDC survey*, 90 percent of clients say Microsoft understands their corporate technology and industry-specific requirements, and 86 percent are extremely happy that Azure is not a source of competitive threat. Extremely significant cost reductions

  5. According to Forrester Consulting TEI research, organizations may get a three-year ROI of more than 100 percent after migrating their traditional SAP infrastructure to Azure, with a nine-month investment payback. The Azure Hybrid Benefit allows you to save even more money.

Azure Auto manage for virtual machines


What are the advantages of moving to SAP on Azure for customers?

With SAP and Microsoft Azure being used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 organizations, there seems to be a mutual understanding between the two IT behemoths over their 25-year collaboration committed to client success. The belief that new solutions would help SAP on Azure customers expand and develop even further than they are today has grown in light of recent announcements by Azure and SAP. According to Forrester's Total Economic Impact Study, SAP users employing Azure may obtain a 102% ROI with a payback time of fewer than nine months on average. The following list provides five reasons why SAP customers are selecting Azure for their digital transformation, as well as some instances of clients that stand to benefit from this transition.

Customers utilize SAP applications on Azure for six reasons

SAP solutions running on Azure give faster insights and increased agility

Businesses that use SAP solutions on Azure benefit from real-time and predictive data, which allows them to experiment with new business models. Azure, in addition to providing access to over 100 cloud services, SAP Cloud Platform, intelligent analytics, and integration with an organization's current productivity and collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Power Apps, and Microsoft Power BI, also provides access to over 100 cloud services. Businesses may utilize Azure to merge SAP and non-SAP data via a variety of data services, and SAP and Microsoft business intelligence tools can deliver real-time dashboard views of their current operations. By reacting dynamically to changing business scenarios and how those changes affect your customers or goods, intelligent analytics enhances decision-making. It also improves real-time and predictive analytics. The combination of Teams with Microsoft 365 improves team collaboration as well as user experience and productivity. Using Microsoft Power Automate, Power Applications, and Power BI, businesses can create customized processes, apps, and business intelligence reports without writing any code.

SAP solutions for Azure

An ever-expanding and increasing selection of Azure cloud serv innovation:

While Walgreens intends to use AI and machine learning to create new customer offerings quickly and rereal-timereal time to market changes, Zuellig Pharma is developing an app that will track and capture counterfeit goods and illegal parallel imports in its region using Azure blockchain services and data from the SAP Business Suite on HANA. Customers such as Rio Tinto are piloting a solution that uses Azure's safe and scalable IoT app analysis to analyze real-time data from trucks, drills, smelters, and other equipment for equipment health, preventative maintenance, supply chain efficiency, and other operational information. Users may also leverage DevOps with GitHub and Azure Kubernetes Service to create, manage, and deploy applications over a large worldwide network.

Saving money by running SAP solutions on Azure

According to a Forrester report, clients that transferred their SAP systems to Azure had a larger than 100% ROI, a 50% reduction in center expenditures, and a 100% reduction in SAP release delays. Moving to Azure provides cost-cutting opportunities such as on-demand scaling during high use times, employing less costly storage, and enhancing disaster recovery scenarios, in addition to removing capital expenditure and the punderutilizedutilised hardware. Businesses may replace costly, tedious, and error-prone operations with automated, flexible processes by running SAP applications on Azure. Furthermore, by providing workers with data access through a single ticket-to-solution experience, firms empower employees to focus on value-added tasks.

Using SAP solutions on Azure provides enormous flexibility and scalability

Customers from every sector run their biggest production SAP landscapes on Azure because it is a tried-and-true cloud authorizeduthorised by SAP to host their most mission-critical SAP applications. Azure provides the most performant and scalable cloud architecture on the market, with more regions than any other public cloud provider and support for both Linux and Windows OS. It also prov HANA-certified certification because virtual computers range from 192 GB to 12 TB. Companies can launch products more rapidly of cause of Azure's on-demand scalability and agility, which allows them to add and remove resources as required. Daimler AG, for example, increased agility while reducing operating costs by 50% by spinning up resources on-demand in 30 minutes using SAP S/4HANA and Azure.

SAP on Azure solutions provides best-in-class business continuity, compliance, and security

Azure's intelligent security services are backed up by 3,500 cybersecurity experts and a $1 billion investment in enterprise-grade security and compliance solutions each year. Azure offers the most compliance services of any public cloud. Azure's top-tier security services include SIEM with Azure Sentinel, threat monitoring with Azure Security Center, and identity management with Azure Active Directory. Users may also leverage built-in availability and recovery options like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery to ensure business continuity and data protection. Microsoft teams provide a wide range of cooperative planning workshop programs like FastTrack, POCs, training, and certifications to guarantee that critical systems remain operational throughout the transfer. Organizations gain from SAP and Microsoft's trustworthy cooperation.

Embrace Initiative, Streamlining SAP Migration to Azure for Effortless Transformation

SAP and Microsoft expanded their collaboration by joining the Embrace initiative after years of working together to serve their customers. SAP will take the lead with Azure in Embrace by transferring on-premise SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA customers to the cloud using industry-specific best practices reference designs and cloud-delivered services. Our engineering teams in Redmond, Washington, and Germany work together to develop product integration roadmaps, reference designs, and best practices. Our industry teams are collaborating to develop industry-specific transformation roadmaps, and our support teams have developed collaborative support models.

Organizational Reactions to SAP on Azure

Running SAP applications on Azure provides instant insights as well as enhanced agility

"Now that we have SAP on the cloud... we have a cloud platform for digital innovation... We've elevated our whole IT environment to a higher level using Azure, allowing us to drive innovation with considerably less risk and expense." —Sarah Haywood, Carlsberg Group's Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology.

An ever-changing and expanding variety of Azure cloud services encourages ongoing innovation

"We're looking at drones, IoT, RFID sensors, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and every other future technology you can think of to improve mining, and Azure provides a wide base for studying all of that."

Rio Tinto's Head of Enterprise IT Services.

Running SAP solutions on Azure saves money

"We picked Azure for three major reasons: cost, strategy, and speed... We found a significant cost benefit with SAP HANA on Azure over the cloud we were previously using." —David South, Coke One North America Services' Director of Architecture.

Organizations benefit from SAP and Microsoft's trustworthy cooperation

"We required a vendor that has a tight collaboration with SAP, knows our objectives, and can speed our migration and increase our capabilities. Azure met every need." —Joshua Sefchek, Toyota Material Handling North America's Manager of Cloud and Enterprise Services.

Running SAP systems on Azure provides a high level of flexibility and scalability

"Moving to Azure provides us with the scale we need... Running SAP on Azure provides us with the speed and flexibility we need to disrupt the healthcare business and enhance our client's access to the goods and services they need." —Dan Regalado, Walgreens Vice President of Global Technology Transformation and Strategic Partnerships.

SAP on Azure solutions provide best-in-class security, compliance, and business continuity

"If you go to the Microsoft Trust Center, you can see the significant investment Microsoft puts in security certifications and compliance. Kennametal would have had to spend a lot of money to establish that degree of protection in our environment. Instead, we will get it from Microsoft." —John Johnston, Kennametal's Senior Manager of Global Information Security and Compliance.

Organizations benefit from SAP and Microsoft's trustworthy cooperation

"We required a vendor that has a tight collaboration with SAP, knows our objectives and can speed our migration and increase our capabilities. Azure met every need." —Joshua Sefchek, Toyota Material Handling North America's Manager of Cloud and Enterprise Services­

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