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Alif is a Partner Oriented company registered in India and UAE. Alif has operations across Middle East, India, US, Europe & Africa through direct and indirect means. We help partners to grow and make profitable MSP business by providing resource and helping them in projects.


What Alif offers to Microsoft Partners

  • Understand Customer requirement Design BOQ

  • Create High Level Design Assessment 

  • Share assessment Report Fine-tune BOQ

  • Create Solution Document

  • POC (Proof of Concept) to ensure closing of deals by proposing appropriate solution to prospects.

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Presales as a service
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Professional Services

  • Engaging engineers with right expertise to deliver the project

  • Delivering value to partners by submitting all related documents: SOWs, WBS

  • Working on user acceptance test (UAT)

  • Start deployment/Migration

  • Submit Phase Wise Report

  • Solution Testing

Professional Service

Resource Outsourcing 

  • Monitoring

  • Cost optimization

  • Security monitoring 

  • Customized support portal

  • Generating monthly reports 

  • 24/7 Support

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Resource Outsourcing
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  • Lead Generation

  • Content creation

  • Email Campaigns

  • Social media marketing 

Marketing as a Value Add On
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