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How does SAP HANA work?

SAP HANA’s advantage benefits include fast queries while enabling high-speed transactions. With its in-memory, column-oriented architecture, SAP HANA offers capabilities in database management, advanced analytical processing, flexible data virtualization, and application development processes.

Advanced Analytics

Native support for spatial data types and functions can enhance spatial processing. Users can leverage SQL to locate the text quickly across multiple columns and other content. SAP HANA combines graph data processing and advanced analytical processing functionality for various texts, documents (JSON), and relational data structures. It is easy with SAP HANA to stream data for discovering trends by storing the data and applying Machine Learning (ML).

Data Virtualization

SAP HANA benefits include better data integration and replication for advanced insights. SAP HANA can perform queries on remote data sources, including Apache Hadoop and other databases in real-time.

Database Management

One of the key advantages of SAP HANA includes high security for corporate data. It offers unique real-time data anonymization capabilities to extract value from any given data without compromising privacy. Efficient user management, authorization protocols, and robust authentication processes can ensure secure data processing. Other benefits include disaster recovery and the high availability of data.

Advantage of HANA.

Some of the fundamental traits of Intelligent Enterprises include the breadth of innovation, increased production, and enhanced efficiency. These goals can be successfully achieved using SAP HANA Cloud, a modular cloud ERP system that is powered by AI and analytics. It is the data platform as a service (DPaaS) version of SAP HANA that was introduced in 2020. Here are the major benefits of SAP HANA for businesses over earlier ERP systems like SAP ECC.

Enhanced Performance

SAP S/4 HANA can offer users real-time insights and quicker access to the whole database thanks to SAP HANA database technology. Additionally, it gives customers the ability to conduct big data analysis to make quick judgments and complete difficult transactions. Based on real-time data, the management may simply plan, carry out, and generate reports according to their needs. Based on the success of a certain period, organizations can also receive enhanced projections. Over time, they can use these forecasts to enhance customer service and support in specific applications. Companies can, in a sense, improve overall performance and productivity.

Scope for Innovation

Worldwide, technology is developing quickly, and organizations must adopt a creative mindset to stay on top of things. Whether it's about successfully managing daily operations or reaching important decisions. Enterprises are always helped by SAP HANA to accomplish these goals. Additionally, SAP HANA is built to integrate technology improvements to improve workflow efficiency. The SAP HANA platform is easily adaptable to new capabilities based on AI, IoT, RPA, and ML ideas. Businesses may benefit from greater speed and accessibility of corporate data using S/4 HANA applications, regardless of locations or devices. Overall, SAP HANA can maintain your company future-ready.

Enhancing the User Experience

The SAP Fiori user interface makes SAP HANA more user-friendly in terms of user experience. The HTML5-based Fiori user interface can be integrated into S/4 HANA or used independently. SAP has updated the user interface to better reflect business operations. You can obtain a user-friendly, adaptable interface that provides you with crystal-clear insights into all organizational data. SAP S/4 HANA can help you easily monitor all reports and transactions in real-time thanks to a better user experience. On both iOS and Android smartphones, you can manage routine business tasks while on the go with a fluid user experience. The SAP S/4 HANA user interface is still simple to use and offers an excellent experience for users.

Data security

Organizations are more equipped to use the information and put it to immediate use, and business insight often comes almost spontaneously. The finest data security is provided by SAP HANA, giving consumers the highest level of privacy. You can restrict who has access to important company data by setting authorization for particular users. An additional layer of security is offered via authentication and data encryption.

Increases Sustainability

In-memory computing technology powers the SAP HANA database, allowing for increased speed and storage space savings. Data footprints are consequently getting smaller over time. Scaling options in SAP S/4 HANA also help to ensure environmental sustainability. These cutting-edge scaling tools help calculate your company's carbon footprint. SAP S/4 HANA helps businesses monitor their carbon footprints while also empowering them to lower those footprints by enhancing overall performance. Overall, SAP HANA helps the company model as a whole become more sustainable.

Features Of HANA

Management of Data

The SAP HANA in-memory technology maintains the corporate data's high availability and zero latency. It is feasible because in-memory technology does away with batch processing's laborious activities. Data modeling, multi-tier storage, and data integration make up the massive SAP HANA architecture. Any type of data from various sources, whether inside or outside of SAP HANA-driven systems, can be integrated. This can greatly improve data management for business users and help organizations streamline their management procedures to increase future productivity. SAP S/4 HANA is now more potent and valuable than ever for modern enterprises thanks to data management improvements.

Enhancing databases

The most recent database improvements form the foundation for some of the SAP HANA advantages. An upgraded database can boost your company's productivity by giving you better real-time control over a variety of activities, whether it be data administration, workload management, data monitoring, or data security. A multi-model database for SAP HANA is available and supports numerous models. As a result, businesses find it simple to connect and develop correlations between numerous data pieces. High-end, crucial business applications can also be kept safe thanks to HA/DR (High Availability and Disaster Recovery) characteristics.

Application Development

In SAP HANA 2.0, a few programming languages have received some additional features. These features can make development tools easier to use and boost application server performance. Both SAP Business One and non-SAP online applications benefit from a tech-neutral server. It allows programmers the freedom to create unique commercial apps. Businesses can easily respond to all questions because the server can easily deal with all file kinds and exchange information with any other apps. Tools are improved to help users eliminate performance regression and cut down on the time needed to answer tough issues. Enhancements to software and tools are very beneficial for both developers and companies.

Advanced Analytics

Because ML and predictive analytics are incorporated, SAP HANA has many benefits. New algorithm parameters for improving data analytics processing are available in its Predictive Analytics Library (PAL). The SAP HANA engine's ML-powered component can extract data and instantly share it with the server. As a result, businesses can spot issues right away and develop workable solutions. The SAP HANA platform's advanced analytics processing can benefit departments like payroll, customer service, human resources, supply management, and others. Additionally, it enables users to conduct more advanced analyses of the information.

Benefits include:

Utilizing multitier storage for effective data management and lower TCO; deploying integrated database and data management across your landscape; gaining deeper insights through machine learning and predictive analytics; processing transactions and analytics all at once without data duplication; and moving to the cloud at your own pace without vendor lock-in.

Feedback from Organization’s

1 - “For us to impact any change, we need to measure. NHL Venue Metrics is a perfect example of how we were able to expand SAP HANA Cloud to create a new sustainability solution for the League.”

Omar Mitchell

VP, Sustainable Infrastructure and Growth Initiatives, NHL

2 – “SAP has been a trusted advisor for more than 20 years and RISE with SAP represents a critical next step in allowing us to continually evolve our business.

Stephane Lefebvre

President & Chief Executive Officer, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group

3 – “With SAP S/4HANA and IBM Services, we are in a strong position to expand our business into new global markets, and bring the benefits of renewables to more people around the world.” —

Leandro San Miguel, CIO, ARAUCO


To support modern applications and analytics across all business data, SAP HANA® Cloud serves as the exclusive database-as-a-service (DBaaS). It also serves as the cloud-based data foundation for the SAP Business Technology Platform. You can manage mission-critical data with SAP HANA Cloud at tested in-memory performance and provide real-time analytics that operates at a petabyte scale. And while maintaining data privacy, you may build intelligent data applications with machine learning.


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